Sunday, 22 April 2012

Creative Wiggle!

Anna and I spent a magical two hours creating a Buzz Lightyear masterpiece and I have to say we are pretty proud of the results. Not being blessed with artistic skill or flair and the fact that she started off by having me help her, I don't think it was at all bad! I have to say, we had our doubters in the rest of the family, but boy did we show them. We glued, painted, cut, stuck, got very messy and did the whole Blue Peter experience. The best bit was spending time with Anna on my own, chilling out and just doing stuff. Nothing special, just the two of us....

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Parenting the Radio 2 way....

The other day, on separate sides of the country, Amy and I were listening to the same radio debate about getting your children to contribute to tidying the house, doing mundane things and chores. Debated by many a caller was the rights and wrongs of should we allow are 'children to be children' as they only get one chance or should we push them to learn about the real things such as housework that we all hate doing, but simply have to be done. After much discussion, we have opted for pushing the girls to take part and realised this was a significant weakness within our parenting and most of the time we hand things to them on a plate. Not any more!
Both the girls have highlighted something they really want. Anna, a Buzz Lightyear torch and Lucy a new dress. Now they have to earn it and help with the chores in the house. They are going great guns and it is working a treat. Some days we experience significant resistance, but most days they work enthusiastically towards their goals and rewards and earn stars on a chart for every job they do....Long may it continue. I did try to implement a chart system for Mrs Hammond, but this did not go down too well!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stop press - tooth fairy is close to sacking!

'Sparkles' the tooth fairy once again failed in her duty to respond to the tooth that Lucy put under her pillow this week and this has prompted questions about her effectiveness in supporting Lucy as she looses all her baby teeth and seeks reward. I can hardly blame 'Sparkles', the only thing I can say is that we forgot again. This has prompted many distrusting questions from Lucy as to whether the tooth fairy really does exist and I sadly think our incompetence may well spell the end of such things in our house until Anna starts loosing hers. If Lucy has cottoned on to our subterfuge, she is very cunning in that she just about holds it together in order to get the cash. She's not stupid you know. She did also ask Amy today if Santa really exists too. This could be a tricky year!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Silent kisses....

The family Hammond has been running a social experiment for the last few days. We are testing the hypothesis - is it possible to give a silent kiss. The results have been shocking as Lucy will testify to. You would have thought this was an easy thing for a human being to achieve, it is simple - all you need to do is give somebody you love a gentle kiss on the cheek without them hearing it. We have come to the conclusion, it is not possible. We have had sloppy kisses, delicate ones, wet ones, splats on the cheek, no kisses as we cannot stop the giggles, lovely kisses and Anna eating your cheek off. However, none of us are yet to give a kiss that is silent in its beauty. Impossible I tell you, impossible indeed...

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday lunch - everywhere!

We have had an Sunday lunch today in several different venues dotted across Norfolk and it has made for cracking family day. Chronological order is as follows: an early morning coffee in the bistro, car boot sale and purchase of tat, a brisk walk at Blakeney, lunch in Morston, ice cream and pudding in Wells and finishing with after lunch coffee at grandma's in Walsingham. Us Hammonds - we get about you know! A magical mystery and culinary tour of north Norfolk completed. We finished the day off with making mud mess and potions in the yard. All bathed in glorious April sunshine, if a little chilly in the biting wind. My last day with Amy and the girls until Good Friday, so lovely memories to take away. When I return, Easter and plenty of chocolate!