Sunday, 28 June 2015


My baby girl will be the ripe old age of seven next week and to celebrate we entertained several of her friends today with a trip to the cinema to see the Minions movie, party games, British Bulldog (injury disclaimers were signed),  a game of footy, much bouncing on the trampoline, Pizza, cake and NERF guns. I am completely exhausted and this is just round one of the birthday celebrations! It took me hours to clear up the house after our guests left. It was definitely an 'Anna' focused day and all her friends were a real pleasure to have - with many giggles, a few fart jokes and much shenanigans - as Anna said earlier today. Not sure where she got that one from. Happy practice birthday Wiggle! You are truly loved  x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Family weekends to make your heart skip!

Life has changed significantly in the last year - being self employed has given me boundless choices and I choose spending time with my family (apart from the odd coffee in the bistro and home games at Carrow Road - at least I am honest!) I have a warm glow inside after a fabulous weekend with Amy and the girls. A shop till you drop trip to Norwich yesterday and a scouting/purchase mission for Wiggle's birthday. Especially enjoyed the smash and grab raid on the 'Canaries' store. This morning I was woken and cooked pancakes by Lucy, then off we trotted to West Runton for another family fossil hunting expedition. I have to say it got quite competitive in seeing who could find the most belemnites - collective family hoard was around twenty.  In a brisk June ,the beach was beautiful, the cliffs covered in poppies and I sat in the sunshine with my homemade (by Lucy) Pesto, Mozzarella and Tomato Panini and admired the view! Finishing off the trip with an hour or so rock pooling - it doesn't get any better than that! Then home for scones with Libby in her yard and followed by a fabulous roast beef dinner with Granny and Grandpa. Now that's what you call a Father's day, I feel thoroughly spoilt and I love my hammock stand. Thank you girls. Many an hour will be wiled away in that this summer....

Monday, 15 June 2015

Weekends were made for grafting!

The girls definitely prefer leisurely pursuits at the weekend after a long week at school that usually involves having fun, eating and watching television. I had other ideas and decided they should graft for their supper. I gave them no choice and implemented the 'declutter the Hammond house' project in clearing all their rubbish, unused toys and general mess from their bedrooms. Lucy's took nearly five hours to complete! We now have a really good stash to make some money on a car boot sale in the next couple of weeks and  am sure they will buy more clutter with the proceeds (Grrr!). Mrs Hammond decluttered the cupboard under the stairs and the games cupboard (there was a motive behind this in swiping extra resources for her classroom - Mrs Hammond is not normally this domesticated) and I even managed to clear out the garage too. Feeling quite smug and happy with myself, I have now realised the task is yet to be completed and we missed one of Anna's drawers. God knows what's in there and knowing my luck it will probably turn out to be Fakenham's answer to Narnia!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

What weekends were made for...

It has been a glorious weekend weather wise and the Hammonds have well and truly made the most of it.  A barbecue and a roast dinner in the sunshine. A lovely evening trip to Wells on Friday for fish and chips, an ice cream, a frolic at the park and a walk collecting shells and pebbles on the beach. The girls even managed a paddle. I have been in the garden for the rest of the weekend, ably assisted by the grafter that is Anna (earning much praise and pocket money). You were very good company Wiggle. I have to say I am feeling very smug with my gardening endeavours - negotiating a bees nest and a bad back! The garden is looking smashing if I don't mind saying so myself! The down side is the next project has come upon me faster than I expected as the summer house will have to be pulled down in the next few weeks, as it comes to the end of its time (more destroyed in removing the bees nest). The girls have really enjoyed it as their den. A good job a new one will be on the way then soon. I know, I know - I spoil them. They are my world and very much worth it..

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Setting targets...

Lucy continues to shine at school without any issues. She is clearly now learning to self regulate and set herself targets without prompts from us. I can see a little of the Hammond competitive streak coming in here! She has ambition to do well and really seems to know how to get what she wants. She puts the work in and the results show. She has spoken often this term about the level of literacy she wishes to be when this year finishes and low and behold she was! I definitely can't easily state I understand the complicated assessment system or criteria. All I know - is she has achieved, with time to spare, her target of 'embedded' and I am so very proud of her.  Well done Lucy. She went through a difficult phase of late and now seems to be turning a corner a bit - she is more engaging, more sociable and civil and considerably more helpful around the house. I have had several comments recently about the positive change in her - pleasing to say the least. P.S I make reference to a previous post and so proud to declare that Lucy completed a fourteen mile bike ride recently, as has Anna - both with their mother. Much credit Mrs Hammond! x