Sunday, 30 July 2017

I missed my footy.....

After two months of hell and anguish away from Carrow Road, football re-entered my life and I managed to drag the whole family along for the pre-season friendly against Brighton. I think they really enjoyed it, although I am not sure the pictures tell all the story. Not sure I have seen a face quite like that Lucy at a game before, in all my years of watching football! As I stupidly booked the holiday to Cornwall at the beginning of the season, I have to content myself with not seeing a live match until September. The family holiday is more important, as I keep telling myself (sarcasm). I even persuaded Mrs Hammond to come along too and she got a bit vocal and gave us her rendition of 'On the ball City'. Highlight of the day was definitely Anna and Lucy stalking Darren Huckerby in Costa. He really did not have any choice but to give them his autograph! No more football for a few weeks for me, but the countdown to Cornwall begins and boy do I need a holiday with my girls. Really looking forward to it..

Sunday, 16 July 2017

The next phase.....

Things move quickly in my house, sometimes at a pace that I can't keep up with or fathom. Every week brings a frightening parental realisation that one of my children growing up faster than I can cope with. This weekend bore the advent of Lucy getting her ears pierced. She chose an understated and plain, yet slightly sparkly stud, which I have to say appeals to me, as I was not sure I am quite ready for the arrival of dangly earing bling just yet! She looked lovely and is very chuffed indeed. This was followed by shopping and spending of her SATS pennies(all over a hundred); this is where my level of parental concern goes up to critical levels as my eldest daughter now enjoys window shopping and this could cost me some serious money in the coming years! They look great Lucy and as much as I whinge and moan, I  love watching you grow up and the person you are becoming. I nearly fell off my chair this week when she asked me 'if there was anything she could do to help with the housework!' I have taught her well and am finally reaping the rewards of all my nagging. Her first week of the academy has gone brilliantly and she is loving every minute of it, with no fear or hiccups so far....

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Make me a scone Kitty Cobblers!

Lights down, curtains up and the spectacle that was the year six play did not disappoint this evening. 'Oh what a knight' - an Arthurian musical with lots of barrel laughs. Lucy played her part with confidence, skill and a healthy dose of talent in delivering a comical line. She was so calm and assured and without bias I can easily say she was one of the stars of the show. Some of the gags were hilarious and a little close to the adult mark. She made a fine ' Kitty Cobblers' and I would have definitely eaten her scones! Cleary all the children and teachers had worked incredibly hard and it obviously meant so much to them all. The nerves were quickly replaced by excitement and sheer enjoyment and no child epitomised this more than Lucy. Well done sweetheart, you have created a school memory that you will treasure forever and you were truly brilliant. Anna scored her an 11/10! Perhaps she might choose drama when she gets to the academy next year? I am slightly nervously awaiting the outcome of Lucy SATS exams tomorrow and the deal I made with Lucy that could cost me some serious cash. I may be the only one not celebrating her success for a change! 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The whole nine yards and a life partner for Dobby!

It's hard to believe my baby girl is nine today, but the passage of time roles on and she continues to grow up. On reflection, I think she has had a cracking day. So much swag, so much cash and thoroughly spoilt. The birthday weekend started with a feral gathering of her friends yesterday and an event that sadly (I say sarcastically) I was stuck in the car on the M25 and missed! I did have the privilege of clearing up the mess when I got home though. Last to rise this morning in typical Anna fashion, the three of us, frustrated, waited for her to wake up for the giving of presents! All things Anna in Merlin DVD's, football kits, a Star Wars chess board, stationary and lots more. After a family bistro bacon roll and coffee, off we trotted to the big city to spend her cash! I loved helping her shop today and choosing her new footy boots. It has been a calm  shared family experience in celebrating Anna's birthday. We topped this off with muscles, French bread and a fabulous birthday cake in the garden. A quick kick about and tested the new astros and that was that! Anna is now in bed and sleeping off the excitement of the day, hopefully cuddling her latest crocheted toy in a female house elf. Company and love on the horizon for Dobby. One lucky guy! Happy birthday Wiggle. We love you more than words can say x