Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Celebration and a tale of caution...

In fact the birthday week flew by at such a rate I did not get involved as much as I would have wished to celebrate and show two  of the girls in my life how much I love and appreciate them. On Lucy's birthday I had to content myself with skype, a quick phone call and a big hug when I got home, other than that it passed me by. Amy worked all day on hers and we managed a 'tired' slap up meal at the local pub and then all hit the sack! I did manage to excel myself and spoil Mrs Hammond rotten with the purchase of a couple of pictures for the new house. (my nerves may now be shredded as usual I exceeded the planned budget). I didn't really excel, Amy chose and I paid! A dangerous precedent could be set; one should never solely express love through gifts on their own, but the madness of life at the moment left me with not many other options. Or so I thought. The last couple of days, Amy and I have found quiet moments to spend time together, chat, have a coffee and just be with each other. Amy has been the one giving gifts this week; in her time, counselling me and supporting me through a very difficult time. I was struggling to cope with all that was going on and with renewed energy I feel I can push onto the next phase after these simple but effective gifts of love and guidance. Its the wrong way around I know. I hope my gift goes a long way to showing how much I appreciate you Amy and enjoy them. In the week where I really started to feel I did not have much left to give, you have lifted my spirits. As for Looby Chick, she and I still have a cinema date set to enjoy yet of which I am very much looking forward to in November. Happy birthday to my lovely girls (and Libby) xx 

Monday, 8 October 2018

I feel your pain Mrs Hammond!

I don't think I have ever known such a frenetic, furious and relentless period of time in our family life as the present. Work (settling into a new job in Amy case), school (a new one in Anna's case), selling the house, clubs and footy matches, renting the new house and long weeks away from Amy and the girls. Always in the background assisting Grandma and Joan. The list of jobs to do and things to get through is now five sides long! I wake up very night thinking of something else that needs to be done. Desperately searching for a window of opportunity to quite simply spend some quiet time together. I am sure Amy and I could easily describe ourselves as not knowing our arses from our elbows! I know it will settle down and our real focus has to be supporting the girls in this frantic, stressful and emotional time in their lives with lots of change, but I really do miss spending time with 'my girl'. Our heads hit the pillow exhausted every night and I have not spent time with Amy for ages, literally weeks. It is the age old battle when you are a parent remembering that you are a couple and finding time for each other, but we have it coming thick and fast from all sides and it does not help one bit! After this all settles down Mrs Hammond, I fully intend to whisk you away for a weekend, just the two of us early next year. The kids will have to fend for themselves or if we give them the social services number they might manage to organise some kind of care package for a few days! Not sure how we are going to overcome this one, but just need a few days with my wife x  

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Coming of age, the dawn of a teenager in the house.....

If you live with Lucy, you do have to be prepared for regular updates as to how many months, days, hours and seconds there is until her birthday. The countdown and the frequency can often be very relentless. Lucy organises herself in her head, set targets and mile stones to work towards. It's just the way she is and becoming thirteen is a big thing! We are now counting down the days on fingers only till the time comes when we finally have a teenager in the house! Ahhhhhhh! She at times, does not fit the stereotypical behaviour of a teenager with calm and thoughtful ways when considering the world around her. I have been particularly impressed with how she is slowly starting to accept and handle the upcoming change around her. Pragmatic, matter of fact, sarcasm and wit tend to be her weapons! I am truly hoping this magical birthday does not herald a significant change in behaviour moving forwards with all those hormones shifting around inside her. Only time will tell! So how do I feel about being the parent of a teenager? It means I am getting older but if I am honest, I am looking forward to it. Challenges and all! I really enjoying conversing with Lucy on a more adult level, I am starting to get excited about taking her for a coffee (when she likes it!) and our relationships growing on a new level. I feel more confident dealing with young adults than I did parenting a smaller child. It feels more natural. Let's see if I am misguided in my thoughts about my skills in managing a teenager - ask me in a year or so. I'll either be a parental god or a complete nervous wreck by then! The defining moment might just be the arrival of her first proper boyfriend. Now that could be a game changer for my current casual perspective!