Saturday, 29 August 2015

Nearing the end of the summer....

August bank holiday is looming and in typical British fashion the weather forecast is shocking for the rest of the weekend, so indoor activities it is. With the girls going back to school next week we made the most of the last of the sunshine and ate in the garden with Granny and Grandpa, popped over to the summer fair on the park (the girls described the harness trampolines as having a giant wedgee!) and relaxed for a cup of tea in the garden. This may not sound that exciting or even news worthy, but it has been a lovely family day today. Anna and I followed up our trip to Carrow Road last night for the Under 21's game, with a marathon game of cards this morning supping coffee outside the bistro. She was great company, very chatty but definitely did not respond well to her father kicking her backside! Slight looser strop ensued! I always come back to the fact that I get so much pleasure as a father in spending time with the girls doing the simple things rather than great big expensive days out. In the last couple of weeks I have been grafting and this has been rare. So we will enjoy the rain this weekend and each others company in celebrating the end of the summer. Under a week to go and Anna is going to junior school. Where did that go!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

They went to Cambridge without me!

I say with a large smile on my face and more than a hint of sarcasm that I think it is bang out of order that my family are having a good time without me whilst I am back at work. I think unequivocally they should sit at home and pine for me and my dynamic and amazing company. It all started when Amy and the girls decided on an impromptu trip out to Cambridge, organised play dates and trips to the dinosaur park. It's just not fair! Only kidding - as the summer rolls on my girls are having a wonderful time. I did not miss out though on the main event this week as on Wednesday Anna made her 'team' footballing debut in a friendly for Fakenham Under 8's. I was so proud of her as the only girl; she held her own well with all the boys (some of them quite big too!), gave as good as she got, worked hard and even scored a penalty in the end of game shoot out! One boy commented that Anna was too rough! That's my girl. xx

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Crabbing for our supper...

It's a good job that we don't need to rely on our crabbing skills to make sure we have a full meal or sustain us, as after over an hour of effort our total amount of crabs caught was a paltry two! Working in two pairs, Lucy and I did not contribute at all with a grand total of 'nil points'. We stunk and did not even come close. So off we went to do what Hammond's do best and go in search of an ice-cream and what an ice cream it was too, covered in hundreds and thousands. Never mind, it was a lovely afternoon in Wells in the once again glorious Norfolk sunshine. Now back at work, I do not have many family anecdotes to report from this week other than after months of practice Lucy has managed a perfect handstand. This may not sound much of an achievement, but she has worked so hard. Anna had her first football training session at Fakenham football club and she aced it! Her crowing glory was a cheeky little back heal to one of the players on her team. Just finished the day off with delicious pizza made by Lucy, who becomes increasingly helpful and obliging in the house. Proud of you both x

Monday, 10 August 2015

I really quite like camping!

I never thought I would hear myself say the above phrase, but for the most part I could get used to the outdoor life. Well apart from the sleeping arrangements when Anna decide to whack me all night and the constantly wet feet, but apart from that! Amy, I and the girls have been away for a week camping near the broads; hence no access to a laptop with Wi-Fi and no blog recently completed. I am back now and in the land of technology. It has been a cracking couple of weeks in the glorious Norfolk sunshine with my family. I celebrated my birthday with lunch out and scones in the garden, in the good company of Libby and Ben. I have to say we have not stopped for days with the girls until today and the result is a mass slump exhausted in front of the television. We filled the week with much swimming, a trip to Pleasurewood Hills with my two rollercoaster buddies (Amy once again doing a sterling job as 'official bag carrier' - poor thing - I think that might be the last time she agrees to go), walks down to the pub, more swimming, a trip to Yarmouth and Wroxham Barns and lots of sausages and bacon!
My favourite bit was a giant family cuddle in the tent watching a movie late into the night! Anna celebrated the beginning of the new football season with a temporary 'canaries' tattoo at a classy establishment in Yarmouth - that's my girl! Lucy and Amy honoured their now yearly tradition of having a hair braid and I drank lots of tea and even found time to read a book. It was quality time with Amy and the girls and I am now fully relaxed and recharged ready to go into work mode again. I would prefer another couple of weeks but I shouldn't complain, it has been fun...