Saturday, 24 September 2011

Blond and bonkers!

Anna continues to grow up at such a rate that there are times when I cannot keep up. Having been away again this week I have come back and it feels like I have missed out on weeks of time with her. She is more carefree, mischievous, expressive and bonkers than ever. Outside the bistro this morning she danced to a saxophonist playing the theme tune to the Pink Panther in her own uninhibited style. People walked by and she barley noticed. Her style was to say 'unique'. Kind of a combination of kung foo fighting, ballet and a comic seizure. She was in her own world and she simply did not care. In know it's a cliche, but she is truly a free spirit. She has hit high levels of excitement as we have made the promise of a trip to the dinosaur park tomorrow. Probably her favourite place in her world. Tonight, as I settled her down in bed she told me with a big giggle that she was going to tickle and slap the big dinosaur in the morning! Insisting she wore her newly purchased Buzz Lightyear slippers in bed, she tucked her Toy Story wallet under her pillow along with the biscuits she stole a few minutes previous, put her thumb in her mouth and simply smiled at me with her eyes. You have no choice but to love her and all her eccentricities, she has a wonderful ability of just sucking you in....Best Anna comment of the weekend - 'Thank you for mummy's boobies'. Really not sure what inspired that comment! Anna you are so right. There is not a day that does not go by when I do not give thanks for Amy's boobies.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The floodgates open up and more teeth flee their owner!

Lucy did not initially open up at all about how she was getting on at school this term and now she will not stop talking about it and has suddenly chosen to divulge everything without prejudice. I will never understand the fairer sex, they go from one extreme to another! She has brought some great work and drawings home this week that have been a delight to see. She has told me about her new teacher whom she states is always ill, a new friend she has made, learning about Egyptian gods and how being in year one is still all about play and learning. 'It is important to play and learn Daddy, just learning would be boring and not fair!', she stated with a very serious and determined face. Lots of talk about the tooth fairy again today and the handing over of more cash as Anna relieved her of another tooth with an accidental whack in the mouth! Looks like another may come out overnight as well. Expensive weekend. Anna speculatively put a note under her pillow tonight as well, better oblige with some cash for her as well based on general levels of cuteness...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The one with more wobbly teeth, a code of silence and funny face soup!

Another busy week has rolled by and I have returned home to find out that much has changed. Lucy has got three more wobbly teeth (could be an expensive weekend!) and is trying to pull them out for capital gain encouraged by her materialistic mother. She went back to school and had her first days in year one this week and at present flat out refuses to answer a single question about how she is getting on and simply shrugs her shoulders with a 'huh'. We are all tired and in need of a chill out. Amy is asleep and the girls and I are trashing the living room, armed with a tub of junk, glue and much glitter. Great fun and I am not even neurotic about the mess! Just great to be around my family after time away. At lunch today I initiated funny face soup. You have some and then pull a face. Got them to eat their lunch though, alright probably not the best example of good manners, but I needed to be silly with my girls. Well done Wiggle - more dry nights and a real determination to succeed. The family Hammond has hit high levels of excitement today with the impending onset of Strictly Come dancing tonight. Keeeeep dancing! Strictly did not disappoint as the girls got into their fairy outfits and danced the night away. Good to be back...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's fun being Wiggle!

Anna enjoys life at a real pace. Always on the go and up to something, she quietly goes about creating havoc and mayhem whilst usually naked! In the last few days she has been up to much. Whizzing around on her bike, yesterday she helped me make a sand birthday cake with shells on wells beach, messily eating ice cream, making mud soup, embarrassing teenage boys with witty one liners, 'killing' naughty stinging nettles with a special stick and singing to Transvision Vamp in the car. I have said it many times - the girl is bonkers. If only I had a camera yesterday as she ran around on the beach naked as the day she was born wearing only goggles collecting shells. You have got to love her. She has also bravely taken on the challenge of no nappy at night and so far is having a decent stab at it. Dry nights: 3 Wet nights: 2. Well done Wiggle. So far that is a winning score! Sometimes it is easy to forget that she is only just three...