Sunday, 15 November 2015

This time they took me to Cambridge!

What a great, if slightly wet day out in Cambridge we had yesterday and circumstances allowed me to go too. I even have a train selfie to prove it! This was clearly before we all became drowned rats by the end of the day. The fossil museum was spell binding and I loved looking around it with the girls. We do have a slight problem in the fact that because I have an amateur interest in fossils, the girls think I am an expert and ask me questions I have not a hope in accurately answering. However it is lovely and flattering that they view me in this way! Great to see Ben for a spot of lunch and a guided tour of Trinity college and that he is doing so well. I do fancy a trip back soon to go around the museum again, as I missed so much and we had probably reached the girls capacity of tolerance as shopping and spending money was calling them! A memorable family day out...

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lest we forget....

This weekend I have had much cause to be very proud of both the girls. Lucy carried the standard for the Brownies in the remembrance parade in our home town today. I found the experience of watching her quite an emotional one. I have not served in the armed forces, but having had the privilege of caring for several World War two veterans in my career; I cannot do anything but stop and reflect on the courage they displayed to give my family the life of peace and opportunity we have today, so I am very pleased that Lucy took part with enthusiasm, respect and understanding. Anna has had her own battles this weekend and come through the other side with real dignity and a positive nature. On Saturday she made her debut for the Fakenham under 8's second team and they were on the receiving end of quite a beating in a 26-0 score line!  Whilst Amy witnessed the carnage in the rain and I did not see this game, I really feel for Anna. This is quite a life lesson to learn for one so young and a pretty harsh one at that! I am amazed and very proud of her determination to make sure next weeks game the team improves and does better. Real fighting spirit Wiggle!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

What a whopper!

A bracing Sunday walk on West Runton beach brought Lucy the most fantastic of rewards - she is the first Hammond or person I have ever known in fact to find a whole Belemnite fossil embedded in a large flint. The downside was supporting her to carry it all the way to Cromer. My past is definitely coming back to haunt me after all those times I made Grandma carry rocks and fossils for years all over the country on family holidays! Well chuffed Lucy. Anna seems to be calming down in the last week and we have much less argumentative behaviour under very clear boundaries. I do not want to tempt fate but she might be getting it! She said something wonderful to Amy a couple of days ago that showed her lovely caring nature. 'Mum if something happens to you - I will give you imagination hugs'. Nothing is wrong with Mrs Hammond thankfully, so I am not sure where that level of insight and emotion came from, but you have got to love our Anna!