Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Remembering the dream on her backside!

Whilst having a bracing and beautiful walk on Brancaster beach today (have to confess after all these years of living in Norfolk I have never been and discovered its beauty) Anna and I relived our visit to Wembley earlier in the year. All we needed was our imagination and a stone. We scored some cracking goals with Nathan Redmond delivering to his potential with a hat trick. Anna did hit the mud on her back side at one point with a fabulous air shot! A great game that allowed me to channel my inner child and relive such a wonderful footballing day out. Anna, on the other hand used the opportunity to gush and sigh as she swooned about her hero and girlie crush Redmond!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

The force is strong in the Hammond house this year!

The picture to the right is the only way to illustrate my reaction to my surprise present from Amy and the girls - 'a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.' WOW!! I am just a big kid at heart and when we get a moment to breath in a very busy Christmas schedule I look forward to building it with my Star Wars buddy Anna. It was a very special Christmas day with Amy cooking a wonderful, delicious and very large lunch and great company with Granny, Grandpa, Libby, Ben and Big Lucy. I had ditched the work phone for the first time ever and enjoyed the freedom to be with family and friends and just relax. A bracing walk on Wells beach today, with Inky experiencing her first trip to the seaside and I am now ready for a long sleep on the couch. The girls have barely had a chance to play with their new toys yet, although the grown up girl who is Lucy, has not been separated from her I-Pod! Just helped Anna put her Darth Vader duvet cover on her bed and all is well with the world. Panto tomorrow and then footy on Monday - if this is what experiencing holidays at this time of the year is then bring it on! Merry Christmas to all my girls, including the dog! xx

Thursday, 24 December 2015

All inclusive baby...

I am very content, if slightly tired. The fire is lit, Mrs Hammond is making wonderful smelling things in the kitchen, the girls are having an early bath and I am typing away waiting to watch a Christmas Eve film. Bliss. We have just got back from a beautiful Christingle service and I say it every time we go. What a joy it was to see all those children's faces lit up by the candle light and full of hope and excitement. Lucy pulled a blinder when in the service it was stated 'God's all inclusive love' She sat back, sighed and said 'all inclusive baby. All you can eat  - now that's what I am talking about!' Another example of my eldest daughters extraordinary and mature quick wit. Anna's (still a believer) excitement is rising and getting more and more hyperactive as we speak. They are now pealing vegetables and I better go and help. One more sleep to go until the big guy comes down the chimney!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

All because the lady loves....

Anna's new football skins arrived in the post and with much tittering and giggling Amy and I could only come to the conclusion that she looks like the Milk Tray man! Apart from time at school she has not stopped wearing it, off she trotted to bed a few moments ago sporting her new outfit. She has also taken on the mantel of 'bonkers ninja 'with chronic wind. The strange and amusing side effect of these clothes is that every time she puts them on she becomes quite vocal from one end! She is so chuffed with them and it is amazing to see how wearing an outfit you really like has such a positive impact on someone. It's almost as if they give her licence to be Anna and we love that! Please note the Hammond Christmas tree is up in the background of the photo - for once I achieved success without swearing, cursing or injury and all went smoothly with its erection. Things are looking up and only sixteen more sleeps to go. Lucy is now firm in her conviction she is a non believer and that Santa is somebody her parents made up, but so far seems content to go with the subterfuge for her sisters sake who has written to Santa asking for a multitude of Stars Wars toys. Now that I am happy with!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Man and his dog!

Meet Inky, the latest addition to the Hammond Clan. I can't say I have initially welcomed her with enthusiasm and a positive outlook, if I am honest I was not at all sure that I could cope with anymore responsibility in an already busy life. Don't get me wrong I love dogs but it was a question of circumstances. She has definitely had quite a rough ride and needs a family to give her that big chance in life to match her lovely gentle nature. I have embraced the new addition today and enjoyed a bracing and very windy family walk with her this afternoon. She really is a poppet and deserves me to stop being such a grumpy bugger! Excited - Christmas tree going up tomorrow....