Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ready for battle!

Armed and dangerous, ready for the titanic battle ahead, a fearless Anna embarked on a footballing journey this afternoon she probably wont ever see the likes of again. What a game! With city loosing in the dying seconds 5-4! She chanted, sung her heart out and lived every minute of the roller coaster ride. There were even some tears as well. I loved every minute I spent with her today in an exciting, exhilarating and emotional shared experience. On the way home we analysed, discussed and consoled each other after our loss. Anna - 'maybe its time to bin your lucky pants dad'. Anna, you may be right darling. Anyway, thanks for a great day out., the result does not matter when I share the day with you...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Walking with the dog whisperer...

Mrs Hammond seems to have quite a talent with the pouches, they all simple love her especially Marley and Inky! As a family we have harnessed this talent recently and head for the countryside as much as possible and a long family walk. With the dog whisperer on hand to help with any canine disasters we cannot fail to have a lovely bit of time together. Although not even Amy's sublime talents prevented Marley diving in the river into the freezing water! Today was no different, although we only ventured just outside our doorstep and into the 'wilds' for a long walk along the riverside in Fakenham and it was stunning, all be it muddy and cold. Anna and I gracefully brought up the rear today smashing ice in the puddles and talking football. We walked back on the old railway embankment, talking and discussion Victorian social and industrial history along the way - we know how to live us Hammonds! Back in time for a dose of Hotel Transylvania in the warm and Libby's roast beef and trifle. I am one full and content man! Back to the grind in the morning, however a lovely weekend..

Monday, 11 January 2016

Fine reward for her hard work..

Anna has been really grafting of late - she is desperate to win the approval of her teacher and the coveted prize of a first 'Good work' badge at Junior School. This has been hard going and after many extra projects, extra reading and diligence she finally got her reward! I don't see what goes on at school on a daily basis, but I am confident she works hard, it seems her teacher is a hard task master and she has finally cracked a winning formula. She was beaming with pride when she phoned me at work the other day to bring the good news (as was I). So chuffed for her - it has been a long time coming. Well done Wiggle!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

'Walking and talking'

The arrival of Inky into our lives is definitely starting to slowly change our family lifestyle, for me especially this is needed! We have had several walks in the Norfolk countryside this week. Yesterday the new year was celebrated with a walk in Sheringham park and then West Runton beach searching for fossils. Some of the family, mainly Lucy and I, are not at times that most enthusiastic of protagonists about any exercise at all, but is has been great just to 'walk and talk' the holidays away and spend simple time together. I have had some good chats with Lucy bringing up the rear of the Hammond procession. Although the fact that our main view has been Amy and Anna's bottoms for most of these walks, may mean we need to speed up a bit! Happy New year to my girls and I welcome many more family walks in 2016....