Saturday, 16 February 2019

And breathe and rest......

Half term at last! Every parents dream week, children stay in bed and have a lie in, no school, no work and some time together as a family. I have to say Mrs Hammond and I truly need it. We are shattered, very tired indeed. We do have some great stuff to look forward to. Night time museum visits in Cambridge, hopefully head over to Walsingham and see the snowdrops and a night away for us both dining and shopping in Bury St Edmonds. Let's see if by the end of the week we actually feel rested. I am looking forward to spending some time with my babies though! 

Sunday, 3 February 2019

It's all about the makeup!

A girl must have her accessories in this modern world. Not that I think my eldest daughter needs anything to enhance her beauty, but make up is rapidly becoming the 'in thing' in our house and has been for some time. Armed with some late Christmas money, Lucy set about purchasing yet more makeup in a sparkly 'presentation' bag. Now when presented with this at lunch yesterday, I attempted to look like I new what she was talking about, launch myself into an enthusiastic state and epically fail in demonstrating that I knew what brush was used for which part of the body! She loves it, she makes tutorial videos for Instagram, wore her waterproof mascara for Grandma's funeral and is considerably more adept at putting it on than I expected a novice teenager to be. I kind of expected it to be slight overkill and slapped on, but Lucy applies it with a subtle touch and I am truly impressed. She does look beautiful when she wears it; prior to becoming a parent I was very anti makeup in regards to teenagers, but I have to let her grow up. I  remain parentally enthusiastic, however slightly confused!