Monday, 31 May 2010

Kids say the funniest things...

It's half term, the weather is miserable, the girls are tired and foul, however there is one saving grace. The comments that Lucy has coming up with in the last few days are fantastic.
Comment one: contents of Jam sandwich on carpet and couch found by daddy. When asked how that got there Lucy replied. 'It was the Jam sandwich, I told it to be tidy and really talked to it and told it off!'
Comment two: as Lucy and I walked through the grave yard yesterday as a short cut home. Lucy stopped, looked upwards, sniffed the air and said ' I can smell baby Jesus and Mary!'
Comment three: 'I am cold but I can't get under the blanket. My babies must go under the blanket. I must be a brave mummy..'
Lucy has discovered her wit, Anna has discovered how to hit. She will not stop belting people this week. Sometimes she hits you as she is singing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star', quite a novel experience I can tell you! I would expect that kind of behaviour from a Quentin Tarantino hit man in one of his films, not a one year old. I remember Lucy going through a toddler hitting phase and it did pass (fingers crossed). So as a consequence Anna is making many visits to the naughty step and not doing much else at the moment. Oh no, apologies she is constantly whinging too!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

They don't normally look this clean!

Amy and I go to great lengths to make sure that Lucy and Anna are dressed well and have lovely clothes and have a lovely house to live in. I have only one thing to say - why do we bother! They are both the messiest pups I have ever come across. I spend the whole day running after them as they spill food on the carpets, the couch and their clothes. Anna's activities this week have developed into the 'messier the better' category of enjoyment involving mud, crayons, edible mess, toothpaste and her favourite dipping a cloth in a cup of tea or milk for example in order to wet it, then wiping the table! I am however impressed with her potty progress - this girl is going some! Anyway girls, listen to your neurotically clean daddy and give him a break - keep clean and keep the house clean. Please.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

All gone mad in my house...

I don't know what the cause is but the Hammond children have definitely gone a little barmy today! It could be e-numbers, the sudden appearance of the sunshine, associated dehydration, too many bananas, too many toddler parties over the last ten days, television induced psychosis or cottage pie laced with funny juice. All I know is they are simply not right, not right at all. I think the pictures attached say it all. It has been a lovely weekend in the sunshine. Yesterday we spent the day on the beach with our extended family for Matilda's birthday - paddling, sandcastles, cake, ice cream and good company. A fine way to spend the day. Today Anna has turned into a lean, mean, urinating machine. I am amazed as she is not even two and she is really on a role with using the potty. Keep going my girl and soon you will rule the world. Lucy, (pictured once again with Oddball) has fluctuated from mad to grumpy to having a great time all rolled into one wholesome weekend package. P.S thank you for the help in the garden today girls..

Thursday, 13 May 2010

There are times when I wonder whether I had anything to do with them genetically...

There are times when I do wonder whether I was part of making my two beautiful girls - they have both inherited their mother's photogenic talents and take beautiful pictures. The picture attached is one of my all time favourites of Lucy at the 'bollywood' birthday party last weekend of her friend Emma. I don't know why by I felt that this picture just captured the beauty that I see in Lucy, her personality and the wonderful girl I feel she is becoming. She is generous in nature, a fabulous big sister and full of life and discovery. I know I am her dad, but I do find her amazing. For example her memory is out of this world. If you say it to Lucy, be very aware, she will quote you about four months later and that promise will come back to bite you! Fob her off at your peril! Anyway that is a distraction from what I was talking about, every time somebody snaps a picture of one of my girls, I am like an excited child in a sweet shop and I can't wait to see the photos...

Monday, 10 May 2010

Rediscovered mojo part 2!

Anna, having rediscovered her mojo last week is now developing some strange, strange habits as indicated by the pictures. As Lucy would say - this girl likes going 'rudey nudey!' She is doing brilliantly as she is learning how to use the potty (five wee wees now accomplished!), the only problem is she is reluctant to put her nappy back on and loves a good naked run around. She escaped the other day into the yard virtually naked in the freezing cold and pouring rain, running around with bottom wobbling having a wail of a time. She is one hardy puppy! She has real mischief about her. If it's messy she wants to get involved. If she is told not to do it she wants to get involved and if it involves a good giggle she wants to be part of it at the moment. Her speech is developing so fast and it is no word of a lie that she can now sing all the 'abcdefg' song and articulate large parts of it. I am finding it so hard to keep up with her; I tell you what though it's great fun to watch her grow and her personality really shine through. You are indeed a mischievous 'wiggle' young lady. Please keep giving us so much to enjoy...

Monday, 3 May 2010

Anna has rediscovered her mojo!

In the last week or so Anna has definitely rediscovered a joy for life, she is even smiling again, a thing that was distinctly lacking in recent months - screaming but not much smiling. Her speech is improving day by day and I really do think that this helps alleviate any frustration that she might be feeling. Despite our good change of fortune with the youngest in the family a worrying trend of car sickness has now emerged as she once again threw up in the car again on Saturday. She has had a really bubbly and fun weekend during which she has been sociable, playing happily and even woke up in a lovely mood after a two hour daytime sleep today. Now this never happens. I could tempt fate by saying maybe we have turned a corner, but I won't. I do know that my relationship with her is really developing and we have such a tactile and solid bond now. She loves to share a giggle and a cuddle with her daddy and I simply adore the smile she gives me with her eyes. She can often communicate without saying a word and just using her eyes. Amazing, just amazing. You cannot buy those kind of moments in life...