Thursday, 22 January 2015

I play the strangest roles in my children's lives?!

Not content with 'sharing the love', Anna has taken her expectations of her father to a new level and has declared my new role in her life is her 'fart pillow'. I have to say I am less than happy about this; the working conditions suck, the pay is really poor and the boss is extremely demanding! Let alone it probably is not so good for my health either. So darling Anna, with the greatest of respect, I am afraid I resign from this post with immediate effect - I would like to thank you for the opportunity and I wish you every success in your new venture and hope that you find a replacement quickly as I realise this is a key role in your life!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

She cracks me up!

Anna's comic timing and sense of humour continues to develop and at times she has me crying with laughter. As a family we do like to indulge in some baseline 'good old fashioned British toilet' humour and some readers may not approve. Its just the way our family is (we do work hard with the girls to counsel them about learning the appropriate forum for each type of humour though) However, last night she came up with a great catch phrase relating to breaking wind. Having stood up and let one go, she calmly declared 'smell the love Daddy, smell the love!' I could not be disapproving or tell her off as hard as I tried as the tears we rolling down my cheeks. This truly was a classic one liner with impeccable timing! Just make sure this phrase is not used at school please Wiggle x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tinkering with delight!

A great cinema date with Lucy today warmed up the day on a cold January Sunday. Off we popped, armed with a big bag of sweets and a newly crocheted scarf by Amy to watch 'Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast'. I would not say this was my cup of tea, but the excitement it induced in Lucy was enough to give me much interest. We giggled, whispered and munched our way through the film as a critical attack of the trumps overcame me! Once again very proud of Lucy and her hard work at school has paid off as she is one of the first in her class to gain her pen licence, allowing her to write with a pen instead of a pencil. This is due to the level of progression she has made. Well done Lucy xx

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year Hammonds!

Another year has rolled by in the lives of my family. It was, at times a pretty tough year with work in particular putting a real strain on family life. We are, however, a tough bunch and having ridden the wave, come out the other side with positive vibes and business developing nicely (no complacency - I promise) 2015 has started with a bang with a couple of fabulous days as a family. On New Years day, armed with Anna's Christmas rock hammer - we went fossil hunting on West Runton beach and came back with a few finds including a possible bone and a couple of sea fossils! It could have been an even more pleasurable experience if it was slightly warmer! Though we did celebrate the first day of the year with an ice cream in Sheringham, you just can't not! Then home to a lovely warming fire and playing with Lego for the whole afternoon - to the right can be witnessed my greatest Lego creation! All my own work I promise! Today has surprised me greatly. I actually enjoyed a shopping trip with the girls despite visits to blot (again), the Disney store (again) and best of all I showed no fear as we entered the ultimate girlie shop in Claire accessories! We even found Anna some moustache decorated braces! I know they sound bizarre and odd, but when you see them they are fantastic. Happy New year girls. May this year bring you all the happiness, contentment and love you bring me (maybe with a few sleepless nights, vast financial expense, the odd argument, little personal space and the need to be super organised every day all thrown in for good measure as well!) xx