Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Little Lady of the Rings....

Finally after years of watching it on my own with all the heroes, the dark baddies, the dragons, goblins and wizards galore, I finally have a 'Lord of the Rings' buddy and this evening Anna and I started one of the longest film marathon's of her fledgling career as a film buff. Although she has taken on the longest of them all in Harry Potter films when we were in Cornwall in the summer, she is about to embark on the most amazing of all the cinematic journeys to fuel your imagination. Welcome on board Wiggle and I really hope you enjoy the ride and it is something we can share for many a year to come. (Even your mother secretly enjoys them, although she won't admit it!)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter egg hunt that could have gone badly!

Not known for their ability to find anything in the house, especially Lucy based on the amount of times she looses Oddball in a week, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Easter egg hunt actually went this morning with nearly 90% of the eggs found! Even after all this time, you can still surprise your father girls. It has been another lovely day today with a delicious roast lamb dinner cooked by Mrs Hammond to round off the Easter period. One more day girls and then back to school. They have done so well with the television ban still in force and have found many fun things to do. A few tempers have frayed but this is to be expected in the Hammond house so full of strong characters. Finishing off the day with a hot cross bun and 'Finding Nemo', both girls on the couch with thumbs in mouths chilling....

Friday, 18 April 2014

Grandpa goo!

Now Anna is affectionate and likes her kisses and cuddles. The one things she does not like is 'spikey kisses' as she calls them from people such as Grandpa and I when we have not had a shave. Approached by Grandpa yesterday for a goodbye kiss, she decided that she would run around the kitchen wiping what she called 'Grandpa goo' from her cheeks onto everybody else and their clothes. When asked, she declared this was goo from a spikey kiss! She likes what she likes and unshaven men is not it!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Down on the farm!

Beautiful spring sunshine, a brand new car (very pleased with my A4!) and a family tucked in the back looking for a great day out (as well as Super Tommy) - so off to the farm we went! After feeding ourselves with a spot of lunch we moved onto to feeding the lambs, goats and chickens. Both girls were slightly concerned by the 'where does our roast dinner come' from conversation, declaring the lambs were way too cute to eat. Not in my book - they looked delicious to me! Rounded off the day with a bracing walk in the countryside, Lucy was very pleased as she may well have found some Roman pottery. As Anna and Amy sped on in front of us to facilitate one of Anna's many trips to the toilet, Lucy and I pottered at the back chatting and discussing history and what she would like to do when she grows up. At the moment it is a toss up between Archaeologist and Teacher. I personally would be pleased and very proud if she did either, however after extensive and detailed discussion she settled on teacher as they earn more money!! We do have to confess to slightly cheating in the Easter egg letter hunt to get chocolate today...oops! We continue the television ban and the girls are discovering new things to entertain themselves - Anna is now playing draughts and I have to say doing quite well if a little creative in bending the rules....

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Parental Defcon 5!

My two girls are all smiles as the Easter holidays have begun in the attached picture - all be it a bit cheesy! This was short lived though, as Mrs Hammond moved to another parental level that has never been known in our house - she has banned television between 9 and 5pm! A bold and calculated move from a shrewd customer. The outcry has been vocal to say the least, but never the less respected and the girls have found other things to do such as play monopoly, go for a walk, play outside, make pretend perfume and actually enjoy each others company! (there have already been a few fights though as well) This may be a little extreme but seems to be having a positive affect for now. Only time will tell. P.S. Super Tommy - the school bear has come to stay with Anna for the holidays so look out for more detail of their adventures...