Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Grandma's first selfie!

The Christmas festivities have simply flown by. Full of excitement, lots of food (so much food), time with loved ones and friends and so very, very relaxed with not a stressful minute at all. I perhaps could have done without Anna waking up at 4am on Christmas day, but you can't have it all! A special time that has created more family memories; Lucy's emotional reaction and pure joy at receiving a unicorn onesie and new rose gold converse trainers was worth the entrance fee alone. We have a new addition to the Hammond household in 'Snuggles' the elf, who has graciously been allowed to stay with us all year by Santa, much to Anna's delight. The girls had so much swag, it was hard to keep up and I received a present to treasure in an engraved bracelet with the girls names on and our wedding date. I tried hard not to hold back the tears, as I always seem to cry on these kind of occasions.  Amy, Libby and big Lucy cooked some wonderful meals and I have eaten till I could pop for the last three days. Diet must start next week. Boxing day finished off next door and Libby generously invited Grandma and Joan for posh afternoon tea. It was wonderful to see her do something different and Amy even managed to coerce her into a selfie. Not many pictures of Grandma around, so one to treasure and enjoy. A simple, wonderful family Christmas that suits me down to a tee with no fuss, just great company. Merry Christmas to my family, eclectic and diverse as it may be, I love you all and feel truly blessed xx

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Feeling really festive now!

The tree is up, decorated to a high standard by myself and the girls and looking great in its new position in the house, stockings are out and just five more sleeps to go before the big man visits. I think, sadly we now have a complete house of non believers and Anna is definitely playing the game to exploit Santa. She knows, but she is determined not to let on. I am excited, blessed and eternally grateful to have my family to enjoy another Christmas within our home. with friends and loved ones. I know this sounds a bit soppy, but I can't wait for this year's festivities. I simply love watching the girls open their presents and this gives me a moment of pure joy to savour. A couple more days of work to get through, Star wars tonight at the cinema, footy match on Friday night and then we head into the weekend and the final countdown. Have excelled myself with Amy present this year, hopeful of many brownies points for this gift! Christmas is about those you love and being at home and I am excited as a five year old waiting at the bottom of the chimney. I am chirpy, looking forward to the break, seeing old friends and chilling out. I can feel a few Christmas films by the fire coming on too!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

I quite like having my own stalker!

Anna now has a phone and she is very enthusiastic in using it to keep in contact with her dad! I love the fact that I can keep in contact with my girls whilst I am away. They do express their love and communicate from very different ends of the spectrum. Anna is a regular caller - sometimes four or five times a day, from early the moment she gets up, whilst I am at work and before bed. She does always catch me at the awkward times though when you are just about to take a shower, on the loo, in a care home or lifting cutlery to your mouth just as you are about to eat! She must be getting used to the words 'Can I call you back please darling!' Despite the borderline level of injunction worthy harassment, it is always great to just simply hear her voice. I miss my girls and this contact keeps me going. Lucy on the other hand, rarely actually manages to answer her phone and communication tends to be in the form of multiple text messages and random emoji's, some of which have no relevance to the conversation we are having. I must be getting old as trends and new fads are starting to confuse me; give me enough time and I might even utter the words 'in my day!' Love my stalker and love the girl whose messages I sometimes cannot understand... 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Graduation day!

Yesterday was a great and proud family day. Amy received her Masters in Education in a ceremony in Hertfordshire. I could not be more proud of her and this achievement. In the context of being a mum, a full time teacher and me working away. Completing that dissertation and to a positive standard in the face of all those challenges is nothing short of inspirational and remarkable. It was a good day to be a Hammond yesterday. Anna, I am afraid was a bit camera, so no pictures including her (for a girl who spends much time sorting and gelling her hair, this is a bit of a contradiction!), but she did share in the day, as we all did and we would not have missed it for the world. Amy was a bit nervous and wobbly, not surprising having to go up on stage in front of hundreds of people! The day did see me drift off and fantasise a bit as to what it would be like to watch the girls graduate in the coming years, what if any would be their chosen subjects. At present my money is on drama or teaching for Lucy and sports or science for Anna? Wonder whether I am right? In the meantime, well done Mrs Hammond. Job well done and no we cannot afford your doctorate! xx