Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A worrying case of hat hair!

The time of the hat faded some time ago with Anna choosing another path in her fashion sense and overall look. Focus these days is on short hair, more football kits, always wearing shorts (despite sub zero temperatures over the winter) and copious amounts of hair gel and 'product' as it seems to be called. Last weekend brought some unusually hot weather and Anna broke out one of the last hats she has to shield herself from the sun and heat. She did however forget that the combination of hair gel and a hat, brought a very unusual style that she had not planned for, with quite hilarious and public consequences! I have to say, I loved the time of the hat and her discovery in finding herself and the image she feels most comfortable with and I missed them. So, despite messing up her cool styled hair, I quite enjoyed the brief comeback at the weekend. Thank god the effects were not permanent, although they could have been with the amount of hair gel she uses! Love my wiggle and her style x

Monday, 23 April 2018

Something special to share with my girls...

I recently read a very moving and emotional article from a female local journalist about the bond she shared with her dad at Carrow Road whilst watching the football. Having lost her dad recently and quite early in life, this resonated more with her and she shared some of the great memories they had together.  This got me thinking about the time I share with the girls. I love my football and have shared some great memories already at Carrow Road with Anna mostly and at Wembley on that wonderful promotion day. Until recently, if I blatantly honest I viewed my fortnightly trip to the footy as my time, my peace and quiet with twenty seven thousand other people and shared memories with friends. I think I may have changed my mind a bit, so have gone out and bought the girls a season ticket to share. The more I considered it, the more I realised how much I could share and enjoy with the girls, I could be a proper football dad and try and explain the offside rule and discuss players and tactics. Anna is already bonkers about football and would come every week, I may have some persuading to do to install this passion in Lucy. She may have even agreed to come, just to spend time with me and that, if the reason is alright with me. The three of us went to the game last week and had a great time and both girls got very animated. One day, you never know, the girls might write an article after I am gone about their love for coming to the footy with their dad and how much it meant to them. One day and it would mean the world to me....

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Anna's gone all Mary Berry on us!

I tell you, I go away for three days and daughter number two has undergone a dramatic transformation! Amidst all the grunts of disapproval, there may just be a culinary genius in there. Whilst on my travels, with Amy's assistance, Anna managed to knock off her first cake, a curry and flat bread. Not bad at all. I did not have the privilege of the curry, but my piece of cake this morning was simply delicious. Lucy helped with a shepherds pie, which I am told was also very tasty. I have never know such child dedication in the kitchen! Stuck in a traffic jam on Thursday, phoning my family, I could hear the levels of industrious behaviour, clearing the kitchen and washing up with a slight level of enthusiasm. Good to see Amy and the girls enjoying each others company (in the nearly finished new kitchen - saga continues) and sharing passion for food. Shame I was not to share in this nice family moment. The new layout in the kitchen, has changed a bit of a dynamic in our house, with us all gravitating to the bar stools to spend time with each other (I do add whilst Amy mostly does the cooking) - maybe the vultures are circling!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

I am not sure spring has realised it is meant to turn up!

After an unexpected day presented itself, Anna and I headed off to West Runton having checked the tides for an impromptu fossil hunting session. I can only say, despite being April, that it was freezing and we battled through in the fog. Pickings were slim, although we did find a couple of sea urchin gems embedded into a very large flint. Hard to believe these things are millions of years old!  Sadly too big to carry home, a shame as they would have looked great on the mantelpiece! Anna was lovely company this morning, despite the odd grumble about wet feet (neurotic child) and the cold. We snuck off to Cromer after for a warming hot chocolate, some chips and a trip to the arcade. What more could a bloke ask for when I should have been working. A bit of spring sunshine would not have gone amiss! Never mind, unexpected quality time with my own little urchin is not to be missed...

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Just call me 'Sir' Daddy!

Just got home from a really lovely weekend away as a family in Lincoln doing Hammond things such as museums, mosaics, castles, coffee and shopping (maybe slightly less shopping next time please). The weather was bloody awful but we soldiered on and spent some quality time together. Only rain, ill health - several colds still in the family after a few weeks and perhaps too much time together in a confined space in the hotel room blighted the weekend! I really enjoyed the simple things such as the meals out, playing cards with a coffee and taking the time away from the gadgets, phones and work pressures and simply talking (breakfast with Lucy on both days being an unexpected treat, just me and her). Loved the castle, although slightly scared of the volunteer/actor who called me 'Sir' Daddy - all a bit over the top and creepy! Loved Lucy's battle face, if ever there was a girl who meant business armed with a sword and shield it was her! The whole weekend cost me an arm and a leg, but as ever it was worth it and I add it to my family memory banks of great experiences and time with my three girls. Back to work tomorrow, even though the school holidays are still continuing. Next weekend away already being planned, October London birthday weekends. Now that will cost a bomb! x