Sunday, 28 April 2013

The process of decision making in my house seems a little biased!

All of mankind would have been proud of me. I put up quite a fight and battled to the end! This morning, having been involved by my family in the complex minefield which is decision making in my house and the need with all the women in my life, to please everybody accept myself. When given the loaded statement 'Daddy you decide what we are going to do today' I feel I made what can only be considered as a medal worthy attempt in balancing the different agendas and motives blatantly laid on the table by Amy and the girls and came out with the compromise that we would do what they all wanted because it simply makes life easier! So with the popular consensus clearly indicated we went swimming and I shelved my plans for work and gardening. I tell you, I took it close to the wire and with much cunning could have won. I backed off, simply as I felt I would need my moral high ground for something far more important at a later date and there will be many other days such as this in the Hammond house! It's a good job I am made of stern stuff!
Update on something we are not backing down on: the not eating in the living room is having the desired affect and Lucy is snacking considerably less and the routine is becoming habitual. I am really pleased and declare publicly a 'you were right Mrs Hammond!' I am delighted how much enthusiasm Lucy has for her gymnastics (pictured here off to the gym with mummy) and swimming (not quite as much) and I hope this helps her to have a more healthy lifestyle in the coming months and years. She has even lost a few pounds. Well done Looby chick!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Parting is always the hardest thing to cope with....

Not in my house it isn't! Feeling a bit melancholy at the tea table this evening, I declared to Amy and the girls how sad I was that this would be the last time we would be together this week as I am off my travels in the morning till Friday. I am now about to go into a completely sarcastic rant based on the reaction I got from my beloved family! There were no tears, no long faces and no recognition that I had even opened my mouth. Anna simply carried on spreading the chocolate cheese on her rice cake and pottering away, Lucy continued to dunk her sausages in her ketchup and Amy just wasn't listening to me as usual. Unperturbed by this I went for another go to see if I could gain any emotional reaction from my family at our parting. Once again nothing. So, with a heavy heart I tried once more and was greeted by a barrage of sarcastic laughing, fake crying and wailing. I tell you, the women in my life are complicated. You make this sacrifice and work away from home to give them everything they need and this is the thanks you get. Well bloody charming! 'You'll miss me when I am gone', I ranted. Amy's simple reply was - 'are you going somewhere then?' AHHHHHH!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mutiny in the Hammond house!

The new lean, mean and hyper fit Mrs Hammond has declared war on the snacking culture in our house and nobody is safe! Gone are the days when we can veg out in front of the telly with a good snack. All comestibles consumed from now on have to be eaten in the dining room. This is to combat two things: the constant barrage the sofa gets (note Mrs Hammond has been after a new sofa for a number of months and I am sure this new rule if sustained will aid her cause!) and the real concern we have that Lucy is putting on weight. Having hibernated for the whole winter, Lucy has become accustomed to sedentary activities and we are trying to encourage a more healthy lifestyle. After three days of the new family rule being in place, there have been several rows, tantrums and a couple of lovely family meals! A perfect example of this inactivity is we all spent the day sorting the kitchen and utility room on Saturday for about six hours and then realised that Lucy had been in the living room chilling for the whole time. When asked what she had been up to, she stated that she had got up to go to the toilet and platted some pipe cleaners! I rest my case! I have so much love for Lucy and I do not want her to go through the same struggles with her weight as I do and for her to experience how that makes me feel...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Return of the sunshine and ice cream!

The spring sunshine finally came out after months of freezing temperatures and almost immediately followed by the family Hammond's passion for an ice cream at Wells! In celebration of this we had the works and topped with sprinkles. Umm! We have had a lovely day playing in the park and playing on the penny slot machines. This turned out to be a very expensive pursuit because by the time the the toy fell out I might have well bought the bloody thing! I did have a major victory as I used a claw to pull out a Dalmatian cuddly toy for Lucy and even got a high five from an empathetic fellow father for my troubles!
Anna did not finish the day well with much stropping and whinging at bath time and this ended in a battle royale between us and Anna going to bed early. Just checked on her and she is sound asleep. The women in my life are very spirited indeed and sometimes I need to stand my ground and follow it through. This is something I am not always good at as a parent and sometimes I am just too soft on the girls. I can back down or do not have the energy. I am sad, as I was looking forward to a cuddle by the television with her and have missed the boat on this till next weekend as away with work this week..

Monday, 1 April 2013

Storming the Keep!

Today the adventures of 'Sir Wiggle of Fakenham' continued as she stormed the impenetrable Castle Acre. Armed with her new chain mail, her sword and shield and a mighty amount of cunning she stormed the keep and defeated the bad guys. As she slaughtered the hoards of skilled warriors and barely got a scratch, save one cut knee and after popping into the gift shop for a plaster was right as rain and ready to once again battle the rebel hoards! Anna quite simply loved her first ever trip to a proper 'battle' castle and her imagination did the rest. Sliding down the hills of the defences and having a great time. Charging around and fighting all that got in her way. She did need a cuddle from mummy to make sure she was good to go after sustaining her injury though. Maybe she is not quite ready for a full campaign or crusade, just in case something else happens. Stay tuned for the further adventures of the gallant Sir Wiggle!