Saturday, 30 October 2010

Did I feel guilty?

Whenever Amy and I have anything for ourselves that does not involve the girls (which is rare) I am normally racked with guilt that we have not involved them. I am afraid that my parental morals went completely out of the window this week as I sat in a jacuzzi at Dunston Hall relaxing without the constant stream of the words 'Daddy can you....' OR sibling fighting that has emerged in recent weeks. Did I fell guilty? Not on this occasion. Not at all. Amy and I really needed that time together and deserved it. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and I am very proud of the effort that Amy and I put in, however we need to remember to be us on the odd occasion, not just Mummy and Daddy. On collecting the girls we celebrated with an afternoon trip to play land in Wells and had a cracking family time. Can't wait for the next non parental time with my wife though, in the mean time back to the world of pink things, Night garden pyjamas and cranky little people...

Sunday, 24 October 2010

You've got a friend in me...

Wiggle has a very special friend and her name is Libby (our neighbour). Now Anna always takes a long time to work out whether she trusts adults other than us and it is testament to Libby that she adores her so much. Anna does not give up her personal space to others easily but whenever Libby is around Anna legs it towards Libby for a cuddle or to sit on her lap. The thumb goes in her mouth and she is content with her friend Libby. She loves going to Libby's house to play with the 'baby Jesus' and have homemade cakes and milk. Now the grown ups in the Hammond house are exploiting this love and special relationship by legging it on Thursday night for a night away and leaving Libby holding the baby, so to speak (plus the opinionated five year old). Ah bliss! Thank you Libby. On a different note I have had two very profound parental learning experiences today - the realisation that I love play land in Wells, in particular the ball firing guns and the farting elephant AND I now know what Jeggings are (a cross between Jeans and leggings). You learn so much every day being a parent!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

High five!

After the months and weeks of anticipation Lucy's big day and big party finally arrived and what a day she had. It has been an amazing day, but I am absolutely shattered! Amy and I were so nervous that she would not enjoy being the centre of attention as can often happen with Lucy, but she has been calm, gracious, smiling and has made me very proud, very proud indeed. Lucy is a lucky girl - she has received so many generous and fantastic gifts from all her friends and family, I am actually very worried about where we are going to put everything! The gifts were not just generous, but they were so insightful and related to everything that Lucy loves. Animals, her favourite films, pink sparkly things, High School Musial dolls, dressing up princess stuff, pens and bling. She really loves them all and will have hours and hours of fun. Thank you. Happy birthday Looby chick. We love you very much.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Keeping up with how much they grow up could be a full time job!

I just cannot keep up with how much Lucy is changing. She is developing at a rate that I am finding hard to come to terms with. This weekend she will be five and it seems that day by day my little girl is becoming a grown up, then you are reminded at how vulnerable she is when she can't handle a new situation and how much she still depends upon us as her parents. During a conversation with her there are now times that I have to check back and remember what age she is as she is articulate and such a chatter box. It is a strange leveller when one actually gets to the bottom of her understanding when you are talking to her. She can talk the talk, but does not have the understanding to back it up yet. Speaking of birthdays, the excitement is definitely building in the Hammond house in regards to Sunday's party. Lucy was practicing in the back of the car over the weekend by singing 'Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me....' There is no doubt in my mind that she understands that she is the centre of attention this weekend and that many presents are coming her way!

Friday, 8 October 2010

DJ Wiggle is in da house!

Anna is homing a new talent and that is mixing and sampling her pumping and wicked tunes on Lucy's pink Lazy town Walkman. If only those earphones truly did block out the noise that comes from the wretched thing! From now on she tells me that she wishes to be know not as Anna, but DJ Wiggle. She has been quite tired this week having combined nursery with all night partying, she has not left herself much time for sleeping! Although she has made time for stropping, giggling, milk and stories, lots of cuddles, a rash, much piddling, lots of use of the word 'no', hide and seek, puddle splashing, stealing a different pair of wellies from nursery each night and bringing them home, drawing lots of pictures (not always on the paper) and developed an obsession with the film 'Monsters Inc'. Not a bad week for one so young! Next week she has elaborate plans drafted out for more of the above and plenty of 'rudy toody!' Obsessed with stripping off my youngest daughter just simply runs around the house naked and giggling whilst mispronouncing the phrase. Now it would be a frightening prospect for all in my house if I considered doing that...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

They are trashing my house bit by bit...

My girls are trashing my house through general play and being poorly. They have inherited their mother's ability to walk in a room and leave a trail of destruction in their wake usually resulting in a stain on the carpet or the sofa. Lucy's 'piece de resistance' was to throw up violently upstairs this week on the carpet after drinking a pink drink and ruining the carpet. One way or another my eldest daughter is trying to make sure that everything in our house is her favourite colour. Just a basic thing such as having a drink this week results in disaster and my inevitable trudge to the kitchen to get a cloth and cleaning materials. God give me strength! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!