Saturday, 27 November 2010

The month of Movember!

November (Or Movember as it is now known as I have been sporting some very dodgy charity facial hair) has been a month of varied experience, especially in the parental stakes. Firstly - it's snowing and lots! A little unexpected and less than fun. Although the girls would disagree. There is a delightful innocence in childhood that means they pay no attention to the practical things during snowy weather, like whether 'you can get the car out' or 'oh god I hope the boiler does not break down!' Both girls have been up to there old tricks this week with some great statements:
  1. Anna - going through the motions in an imaginary conversation on the phone with Lucy's school teacher accidentally called her a bitch. I think the word she was looking for was beach. Her sentence forming is coming on, but she missed a few words out that made it hilarious!
  2. Lucy had a rumbling tummy the other day (it was very noisy) - she looked at me and said 'Daddy I just don't know what to do with my rumbling tummy to make it stop. I have had a poo, some shreddies and I have even looked up at the ceiling and it still won't stop!'
  3. Lucy - 'Daddy did you know that Father Christmas is on Facebook! Cool!'

Lovely moments with my girls. The downside of parenting is situations like last night when Anna was violently sick and I spent last night and today doing the washing that resulted from the several episodes of vomiting and what a distressing experience it was for her. She just did not understand what was happening OR the fear I felt yesterday when I drove in the snow for the first time with the girls in the car and suddenly I felt so responsible for their welfare. Good days and bad days - the joys of being a parent! I wouldn't, however miss it for the world, not single bit of it....

Saturday, 20 November 2010

My house is a place of learning...

The girls just keeping learning and it amazes me every day. Anna has a practical ability that can only come from Amy as it clearly does not come from me! She tackles a problem head on and just goes for it. However at times her ability is tempered by toddler stropping and a genetic ability not to allow people to help her or show her anything. 'I do it' is a regularly used phrase. Lucy simply loves learning at the moment - her letter recognition, reading and writing is going from strength to strength, as is her 'well done' sticker collection. She proudly came home the other day with a good manners certificate and got to sit on the special table at lunch at school. A kudos that is high in the life of a five year old I am told. I can feel a parental gibbering wreck moment coming on in the next few weeks, as Lucy has been chosen to be Mary in her school Christmas play, god I hope she doesn't have to sing! I am simply just going to cry and cry. Who cares she is my little girl. Amy and I did not believe her for several days, which is really bad I know. It's not that we felt she was lying, just maybe not leading lady material. Only time will tell. Lucy is one of those human beings who loves music and dancing with a real passion but is not necessarily blessed by an abundance of talent! Never the less we love you Looby Chick and we are so excited about your play....

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Autumn days...

The weather is turning and we are having to do more indoor activities with the girls as the winter is on the way and the endless tide of colds and coughs kicks in. So the odd escapade in the autumn leaves or in the park with the bikes will soon be like gold dust and a sheer joy. Wiggle did manage to come off her bike several times today and she fearlessly rode around at top speed! The girl is mad! Perhaps her best accomplishment of the day was when she decided that she needed to wash her socks today. Popped them the washing machine, turned it on, set the programme and fired it up. Anna - mental note, you need to put some washing liquid in otherwise not much cleaning goes on!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Home work girl!

Lucy is working very hard indeed at school and home and her writing especially is progressing very well indeed. I am amazed by how quickly she is learning and the enthusiasm that she has. It is very difficult to keep pushing her to take part in the early evenings as she has had such a long day at school and club (before and after school) and I am finding that I do not have many skills in supporting her to learn and am finding it difficult. As a family we lead such busy lives and I have been taking the soft line that she is tired and I should just let her chill out. Amy on the other hand has worked so hard with her in recent weeks and really pushed her and I need to support with this so that she can continue with her progression. The results of Amy's hard work are clear to see as the other evening with help and guidance Lucy wrote the sentence 'We can take in puppets' on her whiteboard. WOW! I have learnt so much about myself as a parent as Lucy enters a new phase in her development and I really am a bit of a coward, as I need vigorous 'pushing' from my wife to take on new things I am not confident with when helping the girls. Well done Lucy and Amy - have a sticker each from a man who needs to learn a trick or two from his wife....

Friday, 5 November 2010

Deep filled with comic timing!

Anna is developing a real sense of humour with very good timing this week. Whenever she is asked a question for some reason her only response is 'Sandwiches'! It all started in the car last weekend whilst we were playing eye spy and when the statement 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with R' Anna enthusiastically called out 'Sandwiches'! She delivers it with a glint in her eye and a very rye smile that makes it so much funnier than it sounds. Realising how funny we all thought it was she has milked the gag for all its worth and this has been the standard answer to everything. For example 'Anna - its time to go to bed'- she expertly looks around the room to see who is there for maximum affect, smirks and shouts 'Sandwiches'! I am not sure whether I am proud or slightly worried. You decide - what you would think if you were her father?!?