Sunday, 27 November 2011

The day with swords, kung foo and a new director of purchasing!

It has been quite an eventful and enjoyable day. I have had so much rough and tumble with the girls. We have played knights and fire breathing tickling dragons, superheros, kung foo panda fighting and connect four by the fire. Anna has been bonkers and at her giggling best, running around the yard as 'super wiggle' was a real highlight of my family day. Amy has a new self declared title in our house: she is the newly appointed 'Director of purchasing' in the Hammond house, Lucy is now the 'Director of bossy boots' and Anna - the 'Director of Wiggle! I tell you I get a new job title based on hard work, dedication and commitment and the women in my life want a title in one day based on female envy! I must say though - they all do fulfill their roles with gusto and skill!

Monday, 21 November 2011

The one with the red hat and the kind girl.....

Lucy is going from strength to strength at school. Amy would be able to give you accurate descriptions of levels in her capacity as a teacher, but every conversation we have is talking about Lucy going up a specific level in her reading. I cannot put into context whether this is impressive or how well she is actually doing. All I know (without teacher speak) is that I am really proud of her and I think she is working really hard and is focused. Most of all, she clearly loves to learn and impress through it too. I was delighted to hear that she was nominated as a 'red hat' at school due to her kind nature. This is a pupil who helps others in the play ground in case they fall over or need help. Her certificate is proudly displayed in the kitchen following her two week stint within this role. Another role she has landed is as narrator in the school nativity play - can't wait! Although Lucy is very nervous and anxious, I know she will do well as long as she does not pick her nose like last year or the wind does not whistle through the gaps in her teeth as she narrates the greatest story on earth.......Watch this space!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The smile of a girl who loves more time with her mummy..

Anna is having a cracking time, with Amy now working part time they are spending so much more time together and she is blooming and flourishing. It is one of the real benefits of my new job and is a sheer joy to watch. She is becoming a grown up little package and I can see the bond between them growing and becoming very special. I feel so pleased that I have been a part of making that happen. At tea tonight I simply watched Anna as she hung on Amy's every word with adoring eyes and told me about their day together - feeding the ducks and the horses, a cup of tea with friends and cycling with Lucy to school. She was articulate and as she often does, spoke with her eyes and love of the simple things in life. I have loved coming home this week and Anna telling me about her day. her pride in being a rising five at nursery and the sense of being 'grown up' she gets from it is lovely to hear about. Enjoy the time with Mummy Wiggle - life can go by so quickly and this time next year you will be at school....

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Password Wobbly!

Lucy's latest wobbly tooth came out today, the envelope and notes (which now includes the extra special and secret password formulated today - 'wobbly') are under her pillow and now asleep she has gone to bed with the expectation of cash and lots of it. Earlier, she was discussing that she felt the tooth fairy should hand over at least one hundred pounds. Not a chance Lucy, but once again good try! Your mother and I need to actually remember our part of the bargain and put the money under your pillow tonight, would be useful?!? I appreciate more the time I have with the girls as I went four days without seeing them all this week and had a cracking hour clearing leaves, feeding pretend dragons and playing football with Wiggle today. As Amy and Lucy went out today, I was so chuffed that she elected to stay with me as both the girls normally choose Mummy. Big smile!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Den making, roast pork and whizzing around on bikes!

Great day today. Bistro, hot chocolate - most of which was spilt on my trousers, split my trousers in the bottom much to the delight of the girls and then off to Sheringham park with the bikes. Picnic in the car, as was slightly cold. Anna hurtled down a hill at such a speed she went over the handle bars and had the time of her life. We then found a clearing in the woods where the owners leave drift wood, stones, rocks and planks for making your own sculpture and dens - it was such fun.The family Hammond actually worked together as a team and did not fight once whilst making our super, deluxe den. Then home for a delicious roast dinner and fire side telly. That will do me nicely before I start a long week's work away from home...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Dr Who?

We have allowed the girls to watch Dr Who on the odd occasion after checking that all is well and it is not too scary. I remember spending many an evening hiding behind the couch when I was a boy petrified of Davros, leader of the Daleks. The girls love it, but I believe they may have misheard the actual name of one of the main villains. Armed with washing baskets on their heads, they wandered around the house pretending to be Daleks. Slight problem. They decided that the menacing speech that came with their impression of television's most darkest villains was 'I am a Garlic!' Does not quite have the same impact - made me giggle not shudder. Good impression of the robotic voices though....