Monday, 28 March 2016

A little bit of something different for Easter...

I am not sure we could say that we have observed a traditional family Easter in the Hammond house but a new tradition has been born (coupled with much chocolate as usual!) in 'Easter cocktails and nibbles' at Libby's house on Saturday. It was such a lovely evening that there is no choice but to repeat every year from now on! Anna, in particular enjoyed the cocktails and the very late night! It was due to be a packed family weekend with lunch with Granny and Grandpa on Sunday, however it will have to be another time as Granny was very poorly - get well soon - all be it at a distance until you are not contagious! A quiet one has worked out well as Amy and the girls shake off the effects of a long and hard term at school and the rest of Easter Sunday involved watching films by the fire as a storm came through and the weather was not conducive to family time in the fresh air or activity. Just the excuse we needed!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

A week of two halves...

After the phenomenal shift of effort and hard work into various activities by put in by both the girls in recent weeks, sadly the outcomes and successes have been different. Anna - had a superstar day on Friday in gaining her pen licence and a good work badge. The first girl in her class! Lucy, on the other hand, despite heroic effort and hard work, had to learn the lesson that sometimes the outcome isn't always how we would like, having not been successful in her Monday evening trial for the Dereham Otters Swimming club. I am so proud of how she has positively reacted and is willing to go away and practice and try again in a couple of months. Possible trial for the Wells swimming club though next week, so watch this space. We were so disappointed for her and she did so well. Amy is incensed! I am not sure I have seen Mrs Hammond this angry in years, beware the wrath of a loving mother when her babies are upset or threatened!!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mothering Sunday finally goes without a hitch!

Finally we did it - we did it! Celebrating the 'yummy mummy' (and boy is she yummy!!) that is Mrs Hammond went without a hitch and we could all finally show her how much we appreciate and love her. Well almost - both girls managed not to throw up and survive the whole day without illness, unless you count the dog having slight loose bowels in the morning! We did conspire Anna and I to possibly pass on the stinking cold we have had to Amy but this could have been days before, so doesn't count! Anna nearly cocked it up and pointed out the hidden chocolates to Amy days before, but the girls did make some lovely cards and purchased a Beagle Fridge magnet. We had a wonderful lunch out with Grandma and Libby and finished the day off simply watching a film by the fire. Happy Mothering Sunday Amy - you are much loved and once again - thank you with all my heart for the two wonderful gifts you have given me in our children and all you do xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Am I getting this right?

I have to say I have been fretting about something all night. Anna came home yesterday and told me with tears in her eyes that a girl at school has been teasing her and being mean to her about the way she dresses, telling her she looks 'stupid'. Apparently, this has been going on for a few weeks now. I am upset that she has not confided in us but I understand entirely, this kind of thing is not easy to talk about regardless of your age. She got there in the end though. It all came out as she has been invited to a birthday party on Saturday and there will be some kids that she does not know there and she is worried they may tease her for being different and she now does not want to go. After talking it through, telling her she just needs to be herself and how proud of her I was, as well as advising her to speak to a grown up at school today; I got worried, very worried and have asked myself the big question - how much of this is my fault? I love her individuality, her hats, her love of things I like such as football and have actively encouraged this over the years. Am I kidding myself and am socially constructing Anna to cater for what I like. Is she dressing like this and loving things like football just to simply impress me? This is now really troubling me. I talked it through with a friend this morning, who I always appreciate his honesty and he will tell me how it is. His words were - ' everybody loves Anna, she is quirky, spirited and much loved - but if problems like this come along we have to think as parents about how we are guiding are children and whether or not our impact is positive.' He said this without prompting or me initially discussing my fears and he wasn't being critical. He was kind enough to tell me he thought I was a good dad. I love my baby girl and I love the way she is and what she does. The big question still remains if I am guiding her correctly as a parent or gently and quietly imposing my will upon her unintentionally.... I just don't know. I don't want anything I do to upset her or put her in a difficult situation...