Friday, 31 March 2017

Everybody made it!

Tempers have frayed a little in the last few days in the Hammond house. Collectively, we are usually a good team and get through most things thrown at us as a family. The second half of this term has been particularly long and onerous,  as we have all become increasingly more tired as each day goes by. Anna, has been at the fore of this, with countless bumps and bruises from football, injuries, dramas and above all an increased unwillingness to do what her parents ask! She just has to impose her agenda on everything and pushes the boundaries every day, from what time she goes to bed, what time she gets up and on and on. I would avidly deny this, if anybody chose to make a connection with this kind of stubborn behaviour with me! After a spate of not so great dealings with her parents a few weeks ago, things are on the up and improving though,  I am hoping the school holidays starting today will bring the sunshine and perhaps a little cooperation into young Wiggle as she starts to get some well earned rest. She has started this sultry teenage years a tad too early and we are not ready for two near teenagers (Lucy moving nicely at the end of this week into moody defcon five) in the house just yet! Onwards and upwards and a good rest needed for all my girls, including Mrs Hammond who has been pushing herself too hard of late. I, will be grafting I am afraid - got to work to keep these ladies in the manner they are accustomed too!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

I think we may have nailed it again....

Off we trotted to Cambridge today in Amy's 'yummy mummy' mini (for a little 1.5 litre car, it goes some!) for some retail therapy, time together on a beautiful spring day and a spot of lunch. Today we celebrated all things 'Amy' on Mothering Sunday and attempted in our own slightly clumsy way  to spoil her rotten and show her how much we love her. Mrs Hammond was spoilt for choice, with cash in her pocket, she was not able to choose a new handbag for some hours, as there were several much liked options. Now for Anna and I, who are not lovers of shopping at the best of times, we held our nerve, remembered who the day belonged to and waited patiently for her choice to reveal itself very late in the day. In fact, two choices came forward! We did leave Mrs Hammond to it for an hour or so and check out the Egyptian exhibition at a museum and the girls dragged me into every girly shop possible as well. It was a calm, relaxing, pleasurable day as a family and not an argument in sight! I think we did good girls and showed your mother how much she means to us. She is slowly drifting off to sleep on the couch now, all spent out and thoroughly pampered. Let the snoring begin! xx

Friday, 24 March 2017

Thinking of others....

I was really impressed with Lucy this morning. As she got dressed for the days Red Nose Day fun at school, she was clearly reflecting on why it is important to think of others and recognise how fortunate we are. She told me that a couple of pounds is not really that important to us and for the price of a bag of sweets we could change people lives. However, I am not sure that all her motives were altruistic backing up her well valued statements this morning, as she is clearly quite liking this years 'range' of red noses and was hoping if I gave her loads of money to buy some more, a limited addition Frankenstein nose might come her way! Never the less, the discussion we had about helping others and raising money for good causes, gave me hope that we are doing something right in the parenting department and installing some good basic values in our girls. The urge to spend as much of my money possible on comedy noses aside, I really did think she got it and wanted to help. Anna joined in as well and her generosity shone through, offering to give her only spare pound to charity today. Then it all fell apart and got competitive, as the conversation disintegrated into a sister argument about what the best red nose was. Oh well, you can't win them all!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Setting a good example for her sister..

Lucy continues to grow - emotionally and physically and I can't but notice a real difference in her. To start with, she is nearly as tall as my old frame, or maybe I am shrinking prematurely! She most definitely is heading towards her teenage years and the journey to being a grown up. Talking to her is easier, I can use words I want and often don't need to check back that she has understood. Apart from the odd sarcastic or emotional hormonal outburst; she is calmer and more deliberate in what she does. She has retreated a little bit into her room at times, in the search for her own space and some privacy. For example today, we have not seen that much of her. Her room is most definitely her haven and solace, and I have been impressed in recent weeks how she takes sensible decisions and self regulates. When she is tired she goes to bed, when she needs some space she pops off to her room. I have to focus myself to always knock and wait for an answer, as she is growing up and I must respect this wholeheartedly. I have a young lady in the house now. Things are changing and I am witnessing the emergence of a young adult as each year passes by. The best bit, we share the same and slightly edgy sense of humour and I often share a private joke with her. Always feels like something just between us - I can't think of many things that make me happier and more content. Last week we walked the dog together and just chatted, about nothing much, but it meant the world to me. Anna on the other hand, has been a challenge of late. Her strong will and focus drive her on every day, she just needs to learn some self regulation like her sister and not step over that line. This week she has had to be reminded on several occasions who is the parent, and who the child. Not easy with such a resolute and uncompromising character. I don't know if a parent should use one sibling to indicate the positive example being set by the other, but after an argument free day today it seems to have worked (for now). I know there is such a fine line here and I would never want to create animosity between the girls, but Lucy has been so good of late, that I felt this shining example must be used and Lucy get a great deal of praise...

Saturday, 4 March 2017

One happy girl!

And one happy Dad! At the risk of boring everybody senseless I am afraid I am going to have to talk about Anna and football again. I know, don't say a word. However, there has always been something that has pulled at my heart strings and that is the plight of the underdog. Nothing more satisfying in the world than to keep working hard and improve. Anna's team lost 3-2 today to a team that completely thrashed them the last time they played (I mean 16-0 kind of thrashing). It is all coming together. Anna and the boys are playing as a team and it really does show in the last two games. I am certain that Anna and her defensive colleague have left both physical and emotional scars on the opposition. They played the game of their lives! I would have to unequivocally say that the underdog is now biting back. I can smell their first victory looming around the corner. When it comes, all that hard work, all the tears and frustration will flood away. One reason and one reason only, never giving up! A great life lesson and one to applaud. I personally can't wait and I know it will be an emotional moment for all the parents of the kids on the team and one to cherish. Fingers and just about everything else crossed...