Thursday, 30 December 2010

I told you she was mad as a hatter!

And here is the undisputed evidence. The camera does not lie in any way. The girl is totally barmy. Everybody that has come across Anna this Christmas has learnt more about her quirky character and mischievous nature and loved every minute with her...

Monday, 27 December 2010

Another Christmas rolls by...

And what a cracker it was! Anna is still too small to embrace the whole concept yet, although she has clearly understood the concept of presents for her! Lucy's excitement levels reached fever pitch as she did not go to sleep till well after 11pm on Christmas eve, as she constantly peered over the top of her duvet at her stocking waiting for a glimpse of Santa who she hoped was going to fill it! Amy and I nearly got rumbled as we played Santa and we nearly broke the heart of our little girl. She is definitely not ready to find out that Santa does not exist. That girl is a true believer! We spent the whole of Christmas hanging out with family and friends, eating lots of delicious food that we did not have to cook and the girls received so many gifts there are simply too many to mention. I do now know what a Zhu-zhu pet is though and I am particularly impressed with Anna's attack hamster! All that was missing was a small missile unit that came out of the top to destroy it's enemy and the experience would have been complete! A big thank you to auntie Kate and Libby for their hospitality on the big day and feeding us so well. I enter the new year with the smug realisation that I have finally chosen a piece of jewelry that Amy likes, that is quite literally a first and am delighted that Anna did not start any more fires. Merry Christmas to all my girls..

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Anna has the face of an angel and butter clearly would not melt in her mouth. However, appearances can be deceptive you know, very deceptive indeed! Anna has had quite a day, quite a day indeed. She started the day with a trip to the nurse as she has a well planned Christmas chest infection and a cough like an ill dinosaur. Despite feeling quite rough, it has not stopped her propensity for mischief or creating havoc. Her greatest feat of the day was to get the matches off the mantel piece and actually light one and the rug. I was not here but I think that Amy is still recovering! She is so inquisitive and takes note of anything you do and has clearly been watching me light the fire over the last few weeks. This is quite an accomplishment, bearing in mind the mantel piece is well over a metre high. They are now in the most inaccessible place in the house. Try and see you get them now young lady. NO more fires until you have gone to bed now either. Her other accomplishment is to hide the hair clip tub. Now, living in a house with three women, to whom the floor is their god and after they have used anything simply dump it on the floor. As the alpha male in the house you need to organise them without them knowing it and to do this you need tubs. So, for example whenever you find a hair clip simply dumped on the floor you pop it in the tub. So when they come to do their hair in the morning there is no moaning about the lack of hair clips, even though they are directly responsible for this. Usually works and reduces stress in the house. Or so I thought, my plan was not fool proof. For some reason I never bargained on loosing the tub! Oh well you win some and loose some. Anna, I will find it though....

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Three more sleeps to go!

The girls have rediscovered the ability to be nice to their daddy as the week has gone on and the Christmas fever pitch is now gathering momentum in the Hammond house. All the presents are now wrapped and under the tree (please note that I did not contribute as when I wrap something it tends to put the recipient off the present altogether!), Amy's surprise present has been purchased after months of scheming and saving (please, please, please like it!) and all that is left is to wait for Santa to fill up the stockings. Amy and I are very excited as we think the girls will love the gifts that we have got them. I feel emotional thinking about them opening their presents now so I won't tempt fate. Anna, having rediscovered her 'Wiggle' today, trumped whilst sitting on our neighbour Libby's lap today, we feel she was scenting her possessions. A statement that simply said - that's my Libby! Hope she doesn't take possession of me, Libby is welcome to keep that privileged position in Anna's life if that's the only benefit!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The season of good will to all man..

Not in my bloody house it isn't! The younger section of the Hammond family have been foul today. Grumpy, unreasonable, belligerent, noisy, unsettled and fighting for most of the day. I think that the impact of such a long first term at school and nursery finally kicked in and Amy and I bore the brunt. Although there was a significant shift in excitement levels as the tree went up which signaled the beginning of the festivities. The only thing putting the damn thing up brought from me was much swearing and profanities! As my practical nature kicked in and the tree had the angle of the leaning tower of Piza; my patience dwindled and my temper grew. Anna won the prize for 'Hammond with the worst temperament' today by a country mile with my good self coming a close second...A delightful family Sunday. NOT!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

Today was the big day of Lucy's school play and boy were Amy and I excited. The play titled 'The Very Hopeless Camel' was a theatrical master piece and taking one of the lead roles as Mary was daughter number one and she did not disappoint in any way! Throughout the play she sang her heart out with vigour and enthusiasm, in a desperate attempt to impress; this is where it started to go slightly wrong as her singing evolved into shouting and she looked like a singing Wallace and Grommit character! One was definitely able to pick her voice out from all the other boys and girls! Then came her moment of fame as Lucy took to the stage in all her glory and proceeded to suck her thumb and pick her nose and eat it! This was probably the afternoons greatest moment of pride for both Amy and I. There were tears, but not necessarily of joy just profound giggling as she really delved into her left nostril and pulled out a real biggun! I was desperately worried as she nearly dropped the baby Jesus several times as she did the hand gestures to the songs and I really felt for the messiah, it would have been quite a fall from Lucy's lap! She did look very nervous at one point as she surveyed the crowd for Amy and myself at the beginning, once she saw us she clearly settled. Lucy and all the children did very well as the crowd must have been at least eighty peopIe strong and to little ones that must have been quite scary. Lucy, I only mock you because I love you dearly and I thought that it was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. Thank you for the lovely parental memory. Amy and I also made the decision not to take Anna as we felt she may well simply be 'Anna', get up to mischief and potentially end up on the stage creating havoc as only she can..

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Up to no good, the pair of them!

Amy has been poorly for a few days and out of action, so I have been in charge! This is not a normal state of affairs so it has brought mixed results. Entertaining a five year old and a two year old is an interesting experience. The inclement weather has meant that the majority of activities needed to be indoors in the warm. My greatest successes include 'Toy Story 3' afternoon with hot chocolate and marshmellows and project Christmas tree picture. Well done Lucy yours was fantastic, Anna's was not quite so good as she relied heavily on me for creative direction and sadly I am not that creative. Sorry Wiggle! Less successful aspects of the last few days have been ensuring that both girls behave, they have at times been stubborn and difficult. Anna has taken to continuous screaming when she does not get her way and I seem to have lost my eyes in the back of my head skill that has enabled me to watch their every move. Turn your back and my girls quickly get up to mischief. Into the sink and mixing a potion of all sorts of bits and pieces from the kitchen. I only went to the toilet! Or Anna sticking lots of cornflakes to paper with Lip balm and then picking her nose and wiping it all over the paper! May be you just did not need your daddy's creativity Wiggle, it's a skill you already posses! When I found her she was happily singing away and humming a tune. She was very content indeed...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let the festive consumption begin!

We love food in the Hammond house in all sorts of forms. Whilst we do eat healthy things such as vegetables and fruit, I do have to say that we are a bit partial to the naughty things in life such as chocolate and home made cakes. So as much as it is my duty to teach my girls about the Christian festival that is Christmas it is as much my duty to ensure that they learn about the alternative side of this time of year and learn about such things as 'Chocolate Advent Calenders'. Please note that the Pepper Pig one is mine. Don't anybody ever accuse me of not educating my children!