Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sit back and watch your garden grow...

Amy dug out the most delightful picture of Anna when she was about three this week and it got me thinking about how much the girls have changed, how their characters are forming, their individual natures and what the future might hold for them both. As I almost froze myself to death this evening watching Anna's footy training and musing on how much she has changed in those five years. Her tenacious, battling and fearless attitude on the pitch is a far cry from the little girl in this picture, but never the less all qualities she will need to succeed and forge her path. Football is maturing her excitable nature and she really listens to her coach as she confidently strides forward with the ball and he shouts 'head up Anna, head up and make that pass' (mental note - still struggling to get her to listen to me!) She looked assured and comfortable in her own skin and it was great to see, especially as several of the girls are a foot taller and a couple of years older than her. There are still elements of that anxious girl about taking on new things at times, but she is slowly overcoming this and sometimes a bit of caution is a good thing. If I look back to the crying and tears we had in trying to persuade her to go to the football club every Saturday morning and she nearly quit on a couple of occasions. She had a cracking game this evening and with focus she could really progress and get better and better. Good job her parents showed some tenacity in pushing her to go all those years ago (well Amy did and I nearly bottled it!). Keep working hard Wiggle and I will keep dreaming, as one day I may have the privilege of watching you at Wembley. If not, every time I watch you play is a privilege and will do me just as well xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

If you like it, keep doing it!

The girls and I popped back to West Runton this weekend for some more fossil hunting. I have to say it is getting quite competitive, with each of us trying to outdo the other and find the most, biggest and best examples of fossils to win the prize and the kudos. We have being doing this together for nearly two years and traditions are emerging. We cannot leave the beach for example until we have found a 'sea urchin fossil' having achieved this now every time we have been to the beach. I am not sure whether this a pleasurable tradition or a slightly obsessive and high pressured one! On this visit,  I hit the jackpot and found a cluster of them in the flint. Sadly this was way too big a find to bring home, so I have to content myself with only a picture. I need the evidence as my competitive children may deny its existence in future expeditions! It is rapidly emerging as my favourite time with the girls and something I think genuinely interests them. Besides I thought the fresh air would do Anna some good as she perfected the art of throwing up everywhere in the car on Saturday. That one will haunt me for years, as the parental duty of clearing it up was less than pleasant. Lucy is off today on a school trip for a few days and I am off to Kent, so the family Hammond is in various parts of the country and separated. Would be good to catch up this weekend and go for another fossil hunting expedition, although the girls might think this is overkill. I don't want to spoil a good thing...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Back to what we do best!

I would say that we have officially come back down to earth with a bang following our trip to Paris. We did finish off the half term with one last hurrah and a fossil hunting trip and couple of sneaky trips to the bistro for hot chocolates with the works. Now back at work and school and the routine begins again, it all seems such a long time ago. The weather has kicked in, the heating is on, the fire was lit on Saturday with some marsh mellows for Strictly and the season of watching football matches in the cold and wet has begun. Anna has had a great sorting week since we got back - her team achieving their best 'loss' of the season so far in a 7-0 defeat and today she qualified for the Norfolk Cross country finals for her age group. Well done indeed Wiggle. You probably get your athletic prowess from your old dad! Keep the focus girls and good things will come in the lead up to Christmas. Blink and it will be here!