Friday, 27 March 2015

The changing face of Anna...

I know I am severely biased, however to me both my children are beautiful young ladies and are a constant source of pride to me. There are some days when their beauty renders me speechless to the point I am not sure how to control the emotion, as they both mean so much to me. The path and evolution into a 'Butterfly' with all her colours has taken a slight turn for the worse for Anna as she losses her baby teeth, as demonstrated by the photo attached! Now, she is doing her deliberate best in this photograph to look as scary as possible and quite frankly she succeeds! However, she does look like she had been in a really in big fight! Amy and I venture off to Paris on Sunday as Granny and Grandpa have so kindly agreed to look after 'Grumpy and Grumpy', but I think the search for a Parisian Gargoyle is over and no need to look any further!  I am only kidding Wiggle! xx

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Today didn't pan out as it was supposed too!

It's my job to educate the girls as their father to work hard, be good people, have manners and most importantly of all show appreciation for their mother for all the lovely and amazing things she does for them. Mothering Sunday is the perfect day to show this. We have been plotting and scheming for weeks (with a prize winning suggestion from Libby we have tweaked). The girls produced 'Mummy money' - eight notes each of family Hammond 'currency' that Amy can exchange for them doing nice things for her over the next six months. Treats include a day out with both of them, breakfast in bed, having her nails done with Lucy, cooking a meal or pancakes, promises to be extra polite for a day and a day of multiple hugs and kisses. I thought we had cracked it and Mrs Hammond was in for a lovely day. Granny and Grandpa were coming around for roast Lamb later and we all popped in the car to see Grandma and take her a pressie. Then boom! Lucy threw up in the car and that was that! Lucy is distraught and thinks she has ruined the day and let everybody down. Not at all Lucy - these things simply happen.You are appreciated every day Amy and a fantastic mum to them both. Sorry - we will try again next year... xx

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The challenge continues...

The challenge continues I am afraid. Amy and I are tired, very tired. At present, we continue to struggle with the endless arguing between the girls and the constant winding each other up. I keep searching in my head for the reasons and the answers, but still have drawn a blank. At the forefront of all this is young Wiggle, who has quite an attitude on her at the moment. Grumpy and tired, she seems to have a real sense of injustice and annoyance when we speak to her or ask her to do something. I am sure if I put this to certain people they may say I was exactly like her as a child! I have to say I am a bit battle weary. Life is so busy at the moment and the last thing we want to do is wake up to a stroppy six year old. It probably is just a phase. It does make me think that both the girls use up all their 'social energy' and 'good behaviour' at school and club, as they are impeccably behaved. I still love them to bits though, I could easily send them to Coventry!  Wobbly tooth update - Anna will definitely get a visit from the tooth fairy this week, its dangling on a thread and freaking me out! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The task of bringing up a brood can be a challenging one!

They may well look angelic, but sometimes they definitely are not! They may well be wonderfully polite, well mannered, compliant, listen and hard working at school (this confirmed in Lucy  behaviour report and parents evening this week - well done!), but at home I could tell you a different story! Every conversation in the last week or so with both the girls is a challenge and endless battle. They are argumentative, belligerent, stubborn and have an answer for everything. Arghhh! I know, I know. Sounds like somebody you may know in me and it is probably learned behaviour, but at least I understand when to tow the line on the odd occasion (well sometimes). The girls can only be described as relentless in their pursuit of getting their own way, spinning a set of circumstances to their perceived advantage and winding me up something rotten! I am afraid, at present I don't have any answers to this other than to keep going and try to teach them the right way to behave. I could find reasons or explanations such as they are tired, they have long days, we ask a great deal of them, the list could be very expansive. The way I feel at the moment, I don't subscribe to any of these excuses, blame myself and quite simply wish to throttle them both! A good night's sleep will help and prepare me for battle in the morning..