Sunday, 6 February 2011

The end of my stint as a single parent..

In the end I made it through my time alone with the girls without much fuss but sadly without much sleep. Anna hated the high wind at night this week and had me up several times. I am not sure that during my week off I have laid in bed beyond 6am, as the girls have both been very early risers. I fell very rested indeed, I am of course being very sarcastic. Despite this interrupted sleep Anna just keeps going and going and is, as ever, mad beyond belief. What normal person would leave the comfort of a lovely warm house in February completely naked just to collect a bay leaf from the yard for the cooking. If you do not believe me, please look right. This is not a doctored photo in that the time of year is different. The girls is bonkers and I simply adore her and her free spirit. The spaghetti did taste good and it was all down to the addition of that bay leaf, devotedly collected by a girl who wished to help her mummy...

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