Monday, 30 July 2012

Chaved up in Cornwall!

Having endured eight hours of travelling on tender hooks simply waiting to hear the words 'are we there yet!' the family Hammond has arrived in Cornwall and it is quite simply beautiful. Instead of enjoying the sunshine, amazing views and fresh air - what do we do - go shopping and Lucy has bought her first Cath Kidston handbag! Oh my god - I have no hope at all! We have already had an amazing time and we are only a couple of days into our holiday, packing in much entertainment and relaxation with hot tubing, ice cream, paddling, rock pooling, candy floss, sand castle making, fake tattoos, hair braids, more shopping and a bit more shopping, Anna has been naked whenever she can, giggling and much quality time together that has not been forthcoming of late, which is by far the best bit. I have even managed an afternoon snooze and read a book for the first time in well over a year...

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