Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pirate Lightyear!

The guests have gone after the birthday pyjama party, the food and cake all eaten, the presents opened and Anna is now the ripe old age of four. She has had a fantastic day and much swag! A trampoline (which I managed to put together with lots of help!), a Buzz skateboard, swingball and load of goodies.  She is a very lucky girl. Her manners have been impeccable with so many thank you's. The smile of her face this morning when we took her down to the bottom of the garden to see the trampoline was wonderful.  The day started brightly with chocolate pancakes and Anna never looked back. I was very worried that she might find the day quite overwhelming, but to my relief she took every moment in the spot light in her stride. Happy birthday Wiggle. P.S Your parents and sister are exhausted!

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