Thursday, 23 January 2014

The girls just love their grandma!

She's stubborn, opinionated, frustrating, high maintenance and extremely difficult at times, but despite all the flaws the girls and I love their Grandma dearly and today I decided to spontaneously celebrate this within the blog. I nag my children and grandma nags me! In fact ,the girls are so lucky to have many family members from the diversity of my background that just adore them. Aunts and Uncles of sorts that all think they are smashing and spoil them rotten! Family is a word that is often associated with genetics and in my case I am rich with family, just thankfully these poor people are not genetically connected to me, which is a positive for everybody! There is something in learned behaviour here though to maybe take a look at, because I am definitely as stubborn as Grandma and I wonder where I got it from. I was just thinking today that it is so amazing how my foster family have taken to the girls and embraced them as their own. Joan adores the girls, as do Peter and Doris and this simply makes me smile. My children may be short on genetical connections from my side, but they are rich in people who love them and think they are scrumptious! Having a great day and these were my thoughts over coffee this morning.....

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