Sunday, 12 January 2014

She did it!

Anna did it! She conquered her fears and went to football club and tried something new. She was slightly reserved, but once she started really went for it. I stayed and watched her and was very proud of her for having a go in circumstances that could have easily gone the other way, as most of the boys who were there were bigger and already knew each other. I was of course, over enthusiastic parent on the side line cheering her on. What remains to be seen is if we can get her to go next week by I have to say I am more optimistic of success than I have been in recent weeks. Strangely, the normally dependable and reliable Lucy, despite her growing years and maturity is now very worried about being on her own at swimming club on Monday evenings. Despite her protests, I know she will do it. With Amy and I having a constant balancing act to juggle with work and family life, we both realise that we ask so much of our girls and a bit more independence than most kids and I am extremely proud of them for the new experiences they usually take head on (most of the time!) I just want Anna to choose some of her own that she loves rather than this battle. Not to worry, slight progress made and we will see what next week brings...

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