Saturday, 16 July 2016


The venue was set, dozens of teams prepared for a historic battle and the final football tournament of the year came sharply into focus this morning. Anna braced herself, armed  with her trusty shin pads, she flexed her defensive muscles for the fight. And what a fight it was too! Now this may not sound right, but the team played seven and lost seven today, but they shone, fought and simply get better and better with several narrow defeats. I was so proud of them all as they worked so hard in the warm and humid July weather and had fun - which is what it is all about. Anna was not the only one doing battle as I had to come to her aid, as a protective mother got quite upset that Anna had scythed down her boy (I would like to place on record no foul was given and it was deemed as a legitimate tackle). The referee declared Anna his 'player of the tournament' with her fearless and die hard defence, her positioning was spot on and she was a good reader of the game.  I purred inside. Lucy was getting really animated, screaming for Anna to get stuck in and keep going. I know football is not her thing, but she really got into the spirit. I loved it when she told her sister she made her proud. Afterwards I rewarded the girls with an slushy or ice cream in sunny Sheringham - hence Anna's blue tongue!  We shopped till we dropped, searching for all things 'Pug' for Lucy in every tacky gift shop possible, eventually deciding on a rather fetching Pug mug! Great day with my girls. They just keep coming and coming...

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