Friday, 31 March 2017

Everybody made it!

Tempers have frayed a little in the last few days in the Hammond house. Collectively, we are usually a good team and get through most things thrown at us as a family. The second half of this term has been particularly long and onerous,  as we have all become increasingly more tired as each day goes by. Anna, has been at the fore of this, with countless bumps and bruises from football, injuries, dramas and above all an increased unwillingness to do what her parents ask! She just has to impose her agenda on everything and pushes the boundaries every day, from what time she goes to bed, what time she gets up and on and on. I would avidly deny this, if anybody chose to make a connection with this kind of stubborn behaviour with me! After a spate of not so great dealings with her parents a few weeks ago, things are on the up and improving though,  I am hoping the school holidays starting today will bring the sunshine and perhaps a little cooperation into young Wiggle as she starts to get some well earned rest. She has started this sultry teenage years a tad too early and we are not ready for two near teenagers (Lucy moving nicely at the end of this week into moody defcon five) in the house just yet! Onwards and upwards and a good rest needed for all my girls, including Mrs Hammond who has been pushing herself too hard of late. I, will be grafting I am afraid - got to work to keep these ladies in the manner they are accustomed too!

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