Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The one with the pineapple that continues to blossom!

School holidays are here. I am work and the normal course of events is that Amy and the girls trash the house and I come home and tidy up as the 'butler' of the house. With Mrs Hammond entrenched in undertaking her dissertation for days this week already (coming on nicely) and Anna at football camp. There is new 'lady' of the house and competing for my domestic throne is Lucy. She has tidied her bedroom, I repeat she has tidied her bedroom to what can only be described as an 'expert' level. Incidentally, she was in danger of not being able to see the carpet, we do have quite a hoarder on our hands! She is a biscuit maker and decorator, an emptier of the dish washer, a laundry assistant, a sweeper upper and an emerging domestic goddess. I am already pleasantly surprised at my eldest daughter's contribution to the household chores this holidays already. Now is a good time to mention I have bribed her with cash, but that is just between you and me! Never the less, more of the same please Looby chick,  the pineapple that keeps on growing....

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