Sunday, 14 May 2017

Greatness beckons bombing down the right hand side...

I am sure I must describe Anna's footballing achievements with more than a little dramatic licence and parental over exuberance, but Saturdays tournament saw the 'Fakenham Under 9's Ghosts' footballing prowess move up a notch or two.  The team were fabulous and recorded their third and fourth victory of the week. All against teams they had previously lost too. Anna, resilient in defence, but desperate to get a goal did just about everything but score. At one point, taking the ball from her own penalty box right up to the oppositions and forcing a save from the tight angle, having beaten no less than four of the opposition. She was like a woman possessed! I cheered and roared like I was watching a Norwich game. Anna wears her heart on her sleeve and sometimes this spills over. In not getting her goal, got quite upset and for a few minutes failed to see the very real importance of all the defensive work she put in. That will come with maturity and as each season goes by. You may not have believed me in the past when I said a real team is now evolving and emerging and one that is capable of going from strength to strength with some really good wins next season, but it genuinely is. I think Anna may just have found her position as an attacking full back as well. I am looking forward to watching her again and again immensely next year, perhaps a new hat is needed! Well done Wiggle and team. It's all coming together! xx

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