Saturday, 6 May 2017

Wild about the Hammonds!

The beauty and backdrop of Pensthorpe and the 'Wild about Wensum' day was the setting for a very relaxed and slow paced family day today. A ramble through the woods, collecting stamps and stickers, a classy pastry and pringle picnic, arts, crafts and activities, a feral run around the playground and pop home for a delicious tea next door. One sorted and contented Hammond family! Lucy begins a big week next week, with the advent of the 'Sats' exams - she is taking them very seriously indeed and has put some level of pressure on herself to work hard and succeed. We will not know the outcome of her efforts till probably July, I can only place on record that I am extremely proud of her, her application and effort. We keep saying to her that all we want is for her to work hard in all she does and simply do her best, not because we think she will fail, this is all we expect and she never disappoints and always meets our expectations. Good luck Looby Chick!

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