Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Lessons being learnt all the time...

I am not sure Anna really enjoyed being away this weekend, I think the homesickness kicked in and she struggled to understand and deal with the dynamics of a large group. Calling us over the weekend upset that another girl who had showed her kindness was 'not her friend anymore and was spending time with other people'. Anna had failed to understand that people do not belong to us and are free to do as they choose. Through this act of kindness when not feeling confident and worried, she assumed this girl would be there for her for the whole weekend. Anna simply applied how she supports her friends at school. She sees it as her responsibility to care for any of her class who struggle or get upset, sometimes this causes her much conflict. She is very caring in her nature and gives all of her heart and soul into friendships. It is just the flip side and a great life lesson for her to think about and chew over. I think she did enjoy quite a bit about her trip away but we are still talking through the emotional dramas first! I am glad we went through with it and held our ground (well done Mrs Hammond). This will build her confidence and slowly cut the apron strings as each trip away goes by over the coming years. As much as we all missed Anna, and we did terribly, a surprising side effect emerged. It was a real pleasure to spend time with Lucy. We engaged with her more as an adult, she was involved in conversation in more detail and clearly relaxed without the sibling rivalry hanging over her. I think at times we should make more of an effort to spend time with the girls as individuals. It is lovely - they have such differing interests. After all they will be defined as individuals in their futures, not just being a sister. It is definitely some food for thought. I would not do anything to jeopardise their close relationship and they do have one, despite their constant rows and protests about each other, but I did enjoy hanging out with my eldest girl. I can feel a date night coming on, we have not had one in ages Looby Chick?

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