Saturday, 4 January 2014

What shall we do with a nervous Wiggle?

This is indeed the question on her parents lips of late. Anna is still struggling with coming out of her comfort zone and take part in new things or social situations and at the moment we are all out of ideas. At times, despite her gregarious nature she is still very insular and withdrawn from exploring new experiences. This was perfectly demonstrated today having booked her a ticket to her first ever football match and she really panicked when it came to her actually going. This morning we went through the tears, changing her mind and suddenly feeling sick. I know I must support her and guide her through this but I was so sad and disappointed that we could not share this time together, that I got cross and angry. Taking one of your children to the footy just feels like a real 'dad' thing to do. Amy  felt I should have just pushed her and gone with it and she was right as always. I was just so reluctant, as I had planned it in my head as a perfect day and had such high expectations and simply did not want it to go badly. I can be so prescript in how I want time with the girls to be and set myself up for a fall before we have even spent time together. With work and being away this time can be rare and I just want it to go well. This is not about me though, it is about building Anna's confidence. Oh well back to the drawing board....

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