Sunday, 12 March 2017

Setting a good example for her sister..

Lucy continues to grow - emotionally and physically and I can't but notice a real difference in her. To start with, she is nearly as tall as my old frame, or maybe I am shrinking prematurely! She most definitely is heading towards her teenage years and the journey to being a grown up. Talking to her is easier, I can use words I want and often don't need to check back that she has understood. Apart from the odd sarcastic or emotional hormonal outburst; she is calmer and more deliberate in what she does. She has retreated a little bit into her room at times, in the search for her own space and some privacy. For example today, we have not seen that much of her. Her room is most definitely her haven and solace, and I have been impressed in recent weeks how she takes sensible decisions and self regulates. When she is tired she goes to bed, when she needs some space she pops off to her room. I have to focus myself to always knock and wait for an answer, as she is growing up and I must respect this wholeheartedly. I have a young lady in the house now. Things are changing and I am witnessing the emergence of a young adult as each year passes by. The best bit, we share the same and slightly edgy sense of humour and I often share a private joke with her. Always feels like something just between us - I can't think of many things that make me happier and more content. Last week we walked the dog together and just chatted, about nothing much, but it meant the world to me. Anna on the other hand, has been a challenge of late. Her strong will and focus drive her on every day, she just needs to learn some self regulation like her sister and not step over that line. This week she has had to be reminded on several occasions who is the parent, and who the child. Not easy with such a resolute and uncompromising character. I don't know if a parent should use one sibling to indicate the positive example being set by the other, but after an argument free day today it seems to have worked (for now). I know there is such a fine line here and I would never want to create animosity between the girls, but Lucy has been so good of late, that I felt this shining example must be used and Lucy get a great deal of praise...

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