Saturday, 8 April 2017

There only going and leaving me at home...

All the ladies in my life are packing their bags in the morning and buggering off on a road trip to Lincoln without me. Charming! I have a project to complete tomorrow and work on Monday. The sunshine is out and I am a bit miffed that work is again preventing me from spending time with Amy and the girls. I know its only a couple of days, but I just don't like being without my family, I have had enough of that over the years. There is an upside to this though, once I have finished I can settle down and relax in full control of the television, a bit of peace and quiet and the house will be immaculate. With Amy not here, the cat (obsessed with Amy in a weird and unhealthy way) will not sleep on the bed, so one night without the wretched creature purring and fidgeting. Happy days! Have a great time girls. Anna declared with excitement today that they were staying in a posh hotel (umm - premier inn!) You can't win them all Wiggle. Happy travels and museum hunting..

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