Monday, 17 April 2017

We needed that.....

Simply put - we just needed to spend some time together. The Easter break has been just what the doctor ordered. The last five days have flown by and we have eaten, chatted and giggled our way through the festivities (with the odd and expected Hammond argument thrown in for good measure!) I have lost count of the fabulous meals we have had with family and friends with Roast Lamb in abundance in many variations. My favourite  though, has to be the salted caramel cheesecake made by Mrs Hammond and it was divine and of course fat free! There are still two pieces in the fridge, that are singing and speaking to me this evening. Must resist! Must resist! The weekend kicked off at Libby's with 'so much more than an Easter brunch' on Saturday and the chipolatas were made in heaven. Easter Sunday brought grandma and neighbours around for lunch. Watching Lucy be mother hen and help Amy with the cooking, vegetable preparation and serving the drinks was great to see.The girls were captivated as grandma told her stories and then absconded with the lure of electronic gadgets after the meal. Charming! I loved having grandma around for a meal, you never know how many more of these opportunities to share her company there could be in the coming years and one must seize the day. She told me how proud she was of me and what a wonderful family I had in the car on the way home. I couldn't have wished for a better compliment from an amazing woman. Today, has been one of routine and doing what we love best. Fossil hunting - although slim pickings, chips, ice cream and the arcades, with a bit of shopping squeezed in for good measure - all basking in the spring sunshine. None of this is newsworthy, none of this will ever been recorded in the history books to ensure that future generations can learn form this; in fact it is relatively unspectacular and perhaps even mundane to some, but to us, integral to my and my family's happiness and sharing time with each other and friends. Simple stuff and so hugely important to us. We are busy doing nothing, sharing the whole day through. We even squeezed in time to share in Anna's success as she had a Minecraft picture published in one of her favourite magazines. Initially opening the pages with a glum face and then beaming as she realised that 'Anna from Fakenham' had made it big. Most of Sheringham, including an elderly couple sitting quietly enjoying their ice cream and their day, shared in her joy too as she was very loud!

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