Sunday, 25 June 2017

No hat Sunday!

And breathe! Well, saying that was a manic week would be an understatement! Work wise I have been in Norfolk, Birmingham, Nottingham and Dundee! My feet have barley touched the ground. Amy and the girls have had the same type of week although despite the mayhem, both girls crowned it and ended in glory in getting a good work badge on the same day! This represented the last chance they could ever do this, as Lucy winds down from Junior school. The wording on both their certificates was exceptional. Lucy's teacher commented that her application to her learning and work was outstanding and Anna was complimented for taking on the challenge of improving one of her weak areas in her spelling head on and with hard work. A fine effort girls. Not much else to report really as we played catch up this weekend, although really impressed with Lucy's assistance and helpful nature in helping me clean the whole house yesterday, a first! (for cash though, so she could go shopping with her friends) Anna,  pictured (no hat) describing and exaggerating the size of the beasties sadly found in her hair last night. Amy the 'nit nurse' duly stepped in and treated the critters. After tears and several more checks this weekend, the all clear has finally been given. Neither girls, especially Lucy like this state of affairs and worry hugely about catching nits. It is strange that having nits has no bearing on your levels of personal hygiene at all or anything you do, but yet carries so much stigma and worry amongst their peers. Never mind, they have all come out in the wash, metaphorically speaking! Thank heavens they decided not to pay me a visit! Happy to share many things with my girls but not these. Has made me itch all weekend!

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