Saturday, 1 July 2017

The whole nine yards and a life partner for Dobby!

It's hard to believe my baby girl is nine today, but the passage of time roles on and she continues to grow up. On reflection, I think she has had a cracking day. So much swag, so much cash and thoroughly spoilt. The birthday weekend started with a feral gathering of her friends yesterday and an event that sadly (I say sarcastically) I was stuck in the car on the M25 and missed! I did have the privilege of clearing up the mess when I got home though. Last to rise this morning in typical Anna fashion, the three of us, frustrated, waited for her to wake up for the giving of presents! All things Anna in Merlin DVD's, football kits, a Star Wars chess board, stationary and lots more. After a family bistro bacon roll and coffee, off we trotted to the big city to spend her cash! I loved helping her shop today and choosing her new footy boots. It has been a calm  shared family experience in celebrating Anna's birthday. We topped this off with muscles, French bread and a fabulous birthday cake in the garden. A quick kick about and tested the new astros and that was that! Anna is now in bed and sleeping off the excitement of the day, hopefully cuddling her latest crocheted toy in a female house elf. Company and love on the horizon for Dobby. One lucky guy! Happy birthday Wiggle. We love you more than words can say x

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